Sunday, December 20, 2015

We hazza visitor!

Please welcome Bessie, a maltese/shih tzu/ schnauzer/ yorkie cross - AKA a Heinz 57 Adorable Dog.   Bessie will be staying with us until the end of the month while her mom visits family far away.  In case you haven't noticed, Bessie is very photogenic - I think my camera and I will have lots of fun with her!

Photogenic, adorable Bessie

Bessie is about eight years old, a lively little girl who was quite excited to arrive here yesterday but has settled in nicely today.  She is a velcro dog (though she didn't have much choice other than to stay with me for most of the first day as I kept her leashed to me to avoid potty accidents and to head off any potential issues with the cat).  Today when I let her drag her leash around in the house, Bessie decided to give chase to Allie, at which Allie turned and hissed.  Bessie immediately stopped chasing and retreated, a good sign.  They are still closely supervised when in the same room, but so far so good.  Of course, Allie may think differently.   Well, Allie, what are your thoughts on our visitor?

I'm still mad at you fer yesterday's photoshoot,
and now you bring a strange DOG in the house?

Bessie has been for a couple of walks around town, and also met the challenge of being left alone, in the mudroom, several times today while I popped out - a few minutes at first, then a few minutes more, then thirty minutes while I walked Mitzi.  She did very well - no barking or whining, and wasn't stressed or upset when I returned.

She likes to watch the birds out on the patio (which disgusts Allie, who thinks that window is HER personal television set), but also keeps a close eye on me and comes whenever I call her. Or sits pretty if I ask her to do that.

There's birds out there! 

Oh, is this what you want, Auntie Jean?
Now can I turn back to the window?

Mitzi isn't enamored with the visitor, but that's Mitzi - she always takes off when other dogs are present. And we just work around it - Mitzi ate while I was walking Bessie so she didn't need to feel stressed at another dog in the house, even if they are fed in separate areas.  However, Mitzi didn't do her customary zoomies around the house after her walk, a clear sign that she doesn't feel as safe as when she is the only dog. (And have you ever noticed that dogs and cats don't seem to understand that if the intruder is in an xpen or behind a baby gate or on a leash, they can't getcha?)

Go 'way!
I told ya I wanna be the ONLY princess in this house! 

Bessie would really like to play with Allie and Mitzi, but seems to understand that ain't gonna happen. We'll fix her up with a play day with Cosmo and Lexi and maybe a few other friends during her visit.

I don't get it.
Why don't they wanna play wiv me, Auntie Jean?

I'm sure we'll have lots of blog fodder for the next couple of weeks, not to mention a ton of photos of one walking, woofing teddy bear:

Hi!  My name's Bessie, and
I'd like to snuggle you! 


Wendy said...

awww.. cutie patootie... I'll bet they all make peace after a few days.. & hopefully Bessie meets canine play pals in the mean time... it's so much fun when that happens!

Marie said...

What a lovely little dog! I just know that you will be posting all about the upcoming adventures in your home. Have a great time with all of them.