Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Dogs at Play

Back in September, I went for a hike with my friend Mary and her dog Heidi, and the latest addition to her family, Cody.  I am finally getting around to editing some of the many photos I took that day, in a park that was new to me - too many for just one post.  Mary's going to have to remind me of the name of that park, as I can no longer remember.  What I do remember, though, was the smile on her face at the end of the hike  - when, for the first time since adopting Cody,  she saw the two dogs engage in a full-out episode of joyful play.  For the next fifteen minutes, Heidi and Cody ran and jumped and rolled and ran some more, truly displaying the bond they were forming:

Wanna PLAY?

M a y be.....

"I can lick you with both paws behind mah back!"
"Sure ya can....bring it on, brother! "

Flying Ninja!

Do ya want more?
Do ya? Do ya?

More?  Want more?


You okay buddy?

Ha!  Fooled ya!
You can't catch me! 

Can too!

First one to the car
gets all the cookies! 

It was pretty obvious the dogs had a great time - and so did I.  I'll post photos of the actual hike another day.


Marie said...

What a pleasure to see these dogs playing and having a good time, the photos surely show that they are bonding, thanks for sharing them.

Wendy Hamilton said...

I remember Heidi from Turtle gardens rescue.. she stood out as a northern beauty to me.. Looks like she has a good match in a canine companion here.