Friday, December 25, 2015

Allie's Christmas Mouse

Allie slept under a blanket near the bundle of willow branches we decorated as our Christmas tree this year. She was afraid Santa might forget her if she wasn't there to swipe at his beard meow gently when he came to visit.

I think I better sleep right here

Apparently, he left her a little mouse that squeaks whenever it is tapped.  He must have arrived at our house about three this morning, as that's when I heard Allie batting it all over the living room floor.  By the time I got up a couple of hours later, she had it under the covers with her:

Me:  Whatcha got there, Allie?

Allie: It's a mouse.  Santa brought me a mouse!

And it's ALL MINE!
Paws off, dogs! 

Me:  May I see it?
Allie:  Oh all right.  Meet  Rudolph the Red Nosed Mouse!  

So.....anything else for me down there?


CarolineA said...

Santa knew that for all Allie has put up with this year she needed something really special :)

That is great hunting Allie!

Marie said...

I'm so glad that Allie got her red nosed mouse, however she's very cautious that Mitzi and Bessie won't get it!!
Love the curly willow!

Wendy said...

purfect present... she's quite the character..with attitude supreme..