Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two hikes, two days, two friends

Excitable Annoying Eddie is  much easier to live with when he gets lots of off-leash time even though, at eleven years of age, he is starting to slow down in both speed and distance traveled.  The maxim  "A tired dog is a good dog" certainly applies to Eddie, whose irritating behaviours around the house are completely eradicated after a good hike.  No barking, no begging, no stepping on my heels as I head to the kitchen, when he's fast asleep!

Eddie:  Just look at this face!
Do you really think I have ANY annoying habits???

On Saturday, we headed to Fuller Woods with our friend Pat and her puppy Cosmo.  (Actually, we headed to Grace Road Park, but the barrage of  gun shots from the shooting range across the canyon forced us to rethink our destination the minute we got to the parking area). Cosmo, at five months, is an Energizer Bunny who can go-go-go for two hours of hiking and then come back to my place to play-play-play for another hour.
Bunny?  I'm no bunny!
I'm a dog, Auntie Jean!
And a darn cute one too. 

Num num num I found a stick!

Eddie wasn't too keen on him the first time they met, but now they get along just fine - Cosmo knows not to jump on Mr. Eddie, and mostly they just ignore each other - except, of course, if there are treats to be had.

Whoa - TREATS!

You'll notice which dog is sitting nicely
and which dog totally ignored the command! 

Today, Sunday, Eddie and I headed to Chemainus Lake with Margaret and Rajah, to do the 2.5 km trail loop trail that encircles the lake.  Eddie used to try to bolt at the little metal and grid iron bridge a few minutes in from the parking lot, but with Rajah in the lead, then me, then Eddie, then Margaret, we have gradually perfected the art of getting Eddie across.  And after each crossing we throw a party with lots of dried liver treats, which I'm sure has improved his attitude toward metal bridge decks.  What a delight to see him march right across without a moment's hesitation today!

I'm such a smarty-pants!

I took lots of photos today, but sadly most came out blurry - not sure what that was about - perhaps a weak battery that no longer fully charges and doesn't have the power to auto focus properly.  As my larger camera had a little accident a few weeks ago (as in, falling from the tripod to the concrete patio), it looks like I may soon need to replace both my pocket one I use for hiking and my bigger one.  Ouch.

But, to continue our walk around the lake, a few photos escaped the Blur Monster:

Mom?  I need a treat! Mom? Mom?

Chemainus Lake through trees and mist

Rajah decided to play "Where's Waldo Rajah?"

Reflections in the lake

On the far side of the lake, significant improvements have been made to the trail, widening it  and providing a firm navijack surface where mud and mulch used to be.  A little harder on tender paws, according to Eddie, but a more durable trail given the many people and dogs who use this off-leash park.

Hey, lookit this new trail surface!

Tomorrow we'll be back to walking about town for a day or two, and permitting.....a third hike with a third friend.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Jean and they certainly have improved the trails.
That hike was a good way to wear off the breakfast.