Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy 14th Birthday, Mitzi!

Happy, happy birthday to my very special little bichon frise with the very big personality.

It's mah BIRTHDAY!
Send treats!

Mitzi is 14 today, though she has only lived with me for two years - two years this Friday, the day her Mama Anita (my cousin) died and I became her Mama Jean. And I have never, ever regretted having agreed to be her second mom - she brings me joy, makes me laugh, and over the past year has really come out of her shell and become the dog Anita described to me - independent yet vocal, making sure I know when she wants out, when she wants dinner, when Eddie is bugging her. And she usually enjoys her daily walk - unless it is raining really hard, or unless I try to take her too far in which case she parks her butt and says "NO WAY".   But most days, she leads the way and has very definite ideas about the route we should take and the speed we should travel - which is at a pretty fast clip.

La la la la la
Keep up with me, mom!

For someone who never thought herself much of a little dog person, Mitzi sure taught me just how wrong-headed that thought was!  Mitzi, I hope you have many more birthdays with me. Love ya lots.

Okay, now can we deep-six the hat?

Thank you, Mama Jean.
Are you going to get my treats now?


Marie said...

Many happy returns on your birthday, Mitzi!
You are a special little dog and have brought lots of love and happiness to your Mama Jean.
Sparkle would wish you Happy Birthday as well, if she was awake! Sleepy little girl is still cuddled in her bed!

CarolineA said...

Happy birthday Mitzi! I bet momma Jean has bought you the bestests most yummiest cake EVER!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Mitzi!

Erika said...

Happy Birthday!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Mitzi! Like your Mama Jean, I have learned that it's the size of the spirit that counts, and yours is mighty big.