Friday, January 30, 2015

Sasha, take a hike!

Sasha lives with my friend Liz.  They've been featured in a few of my past posts, but I'm trying to get them to hike with me more often. A couple of weeks ago, they accompanied Eddie and me up Mount Richards (Escarpment Way hike), and today we went out to Swallowfield.   So, when I tell Sasha to 'take a hike', here's what she has to say:

Take a hike?

Let's go up the trail
from Escarpment Way!

Oh boy!
A big puddle for me to play in!

The humans like this stand of trees -
The trees of many colours.

Hey! Is my mom giving
Eddie a treat?

That can't be fair!

I better get in on the action.

Not much of a view
on a foggy day!

Let's take another hike -
to Swallowfield estuary.

Auntie Jean likes this rustic fence
way out on the estuary.

We met a crazy young lab
named Cocoa.
Cocoa likes water.
And sticks.

Cocoa will even
bob for sticks!

I knew Cocoa's human
had treats in his pocket.
I have a very good sniffer!

It's kinda pretty out here,
and very peaceful.

The Chemainus River and
lots of little streams
make their way to the ocean here.

It's spring on our island.
My mom is watching some robins.

See?  Robin Redbreast!

Think I'll have a dip.

Aack - water in mah ear!


I hope Auntie Jean tells us
to 'take a hike'
more often. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jean. I'm glad you, Liz, Sasha and Eddie had a great day for hiking. Coco is dog after my own heart I like to duck my head too getting sticks.


CarolineA said...

All these silly dogs and water! Eddie must think they are crazy!