Sunday, February 23, 2014

What season is this anyway?

A couple of days ago, I was snapping sunny photos to do a post on the arrival of spring.  After all, the daffodils were filling out, getting ready to show their cheerful yellow faces:

And the fish were flipping in the bay, followed by otters and seals  looking for lunch:

The seagulls were sunning, the heron was fishing, the boats were sailing, and the sky was blue.

Spring usually arrives by mid February on the island.  The annual flower count in Victoria, an hour south of here, starts Tuesday.

Then this morning, we awoke to this:

Old Woman Winter
Walks through Crofton

and this:

Shiloh didn't care - she'll go for a walk in any weather.

And Eddie didn't care - at least, not once I persuaded him to come out of his crate to put his coat on:

Mitzi was another story - she took one look at the white stuff and raced back to the armchair:

Are you friggin' kidding me?
Do I look like a Bernese Mountain Dog to you?

So I had to pretend she was outside playing with us:

Snow dog 

But never mind, Mitzi, spring is just around the corner still:

Those flowers will be blooming in no time. 


Marie said...

I love your snow dog but have to admire Mitzi for sticking to her guns with the weather.
Sparkle just loves the snow and so we still enjoy our 2 - 3 walks during the day.
You can take heart in the fact that your snow will be gone quickly whereas ours will be here for another couple of months!

Anonymous said...

Love snow dog!!

Sheryl said...

Really love your snow dog!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. On Friday someone told me it was supposed to snow the next day, and I laughed. Silly me. My old dog shares Mitzi's sentiments and I'm practically having to drag her outdoors. We're hoping the big melt starts today and spring returns quickly.

How lucky you are to have gotten a shot of Old Woman Winter herself. I didn't know she even visited sunny Crofton!

Deb S