Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That Darn Cat!

Just as I took the lid off the cat treat jar to get her a little snack, the three dogs barrelled into the kitchen in eager anticipation of their own treats.  Exuberant Eddie accidently knocked over Sweet Shiloh, which started Mitzi's frantic "Look Out Look Out Look Out" bark.  As I directed my attention to righting Shiloh, shushing Mitzi, and removing Eddie, Allie took full advantage of the situation:

Or maybe that was the plan all along - one species creates a diversion so the other can capitalize on the situation.  Fortunately, the dogs can't jump up on the counter to access their own treat jar.


Brigid said...

Cats are classic opportunists (like their photographer moms). Go it, Allie!

Anonymous said...

Love this story.

CarolineA said...

Cats have this uncanny ability to make you do something, all the while thinking it was your own idea! Cats rule!

Anonymous said...

My food loving (chubby) spaniel would often bark ( pretending there was something of interest to bark at) to distract my other spaniel away from his food - then run in to devour it within a millisecond. She was not nearly as dumb as some people thought.