Saturday, February 1, 2014

What a blogger doesn't need.....

Tendonitis in the arm that operates the mouse.  Ouch.  Hurts to mouse, hurts to hold a camera up or brush my hair or even hold a glass of wine.   I've been trying to limit my computer time to just a few minutes at a time, well spaced out throughout the day. Editing photos, blogging, checking facebook, and answering emails can't be done all at one sitting.

However, I think I've edited enough photos from the past few hikes to post a few more of my favourites, though without a story to tie them together.  Enjoy!

Crofton Lake


Crofton Lake turning
(You can see a 'scum' on the lake - not pollution but a
natural occurance in early spring as the water near the bottom
rises and the coldest water, just below the surface, sinks. )

Keaghan at Crofton Lake

Sun through the forest

Tugs round up the logs for the mill.
North shore mountains in the background.

When the fog gets you down,
rise above it!

Foggy morning walk

Crofton seawalk in fog

Fog and reflections

Morning dew on an oceanside catkin

Shiloh looking for ducks!

Rest stop on the escarpment.
(Eddie is hoping Bonnie has treats!)

Sunlight streaming through the trees

Seagull with mollusk

All photos (c) Jean Ballard 2014


Dawn said...

Very sorry to hear that you have tendonitis. And appreciate that you still took the trouble to communicate with us. The fog picture (first one) is just fabulous!

Sheryl said...

Ha, ha! Eddie is ALWAYS looking for treats. LOL

Hope your tendonitis is better soon.