Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shiloh then and now

It is just over three months since Shiloh came to live with me, four since she came to the attention of Sheltie Rescue.  Regular readers will remember this sad, sad photo that a friend emailed me asking for my help:

Shiloh, one week before rescue

Her full story is here, but a quick recap of her condition will highlight how much can be accomplished with four months of a healthy diet, exercise, and love - even for a Very Old Dog like Shiloh, who will be sixteen in May.  When Shiloh first came into care, her skin was a mess, her fur was sparse and dull, she scratched and bit at herself constantly, her back end was so weak she could hardy walk and often fell over,  she was very timid and hand-shy, and she was skin and bones.  She had been neglected and abused.

Just four short months later, she is a healthy weight, the flakes in her skin and the bald patches are completely gone, she no longer scratches or bites at herself, and she has developed a thick, beautiful coat.  

Hi Mama, you called?

Shiloh in sunlight and shadow

Best of all, her back end weakness is virtually gone.  She loves, loves, loves her daily walks and usually does a two kilometer loop every day which includes time on the beach as well. She can now run fast enough and has enough stability to chase and jump at the cat, though she is learning that neither the cat nor I approve of such behaviour.  

Shiloh, learning to "leave it"
when the cat passes by.

Oh, and she has become Miss Congeniality – walks right up to every person and every dog she sees.  She is a very popular dog-about-town.  She is, however, a bit hard to photograph because as soon as she sees me looking at her, even with the camera in front of my face, she has to come running over to say hi!  
Oh boy a person to pet me! 

She is a great, great dog and I love her to pieces.  


Anonymous said...

thrilled thrilled thrilled but never doubted you would do an amazing job with her..

Cheryl K

Black Jack's Carol said...

As much as I knew your love and care would do wonders, I confess to being amazed at the extent of the transformation. Just incredible and so heartwarming to see these before and after photos!

Anonymous said...

She's the picture of health now. Amazing what TLC can do.


Marie said...

Jean, I really must point out that as well as a healthy body, she now has a spark in her eyes, your love and care has done wonders!

Cathy said...

Such a beautiful rehab job: from hopeless to glowing....just lovely.

CarolineA said...

other than tons of love, was it a difference in food that brought about the no more scratching?

Jean said...

Caroline, likely the biting and scratching became a habit from longterm flea infestation and general poor health/dry skin, and just continued on even after the fleas were gone. Biting at her paws may have also been due to long overgrown claws and/or anxiety and boredom. Diet, of course, played a big part in getting her skin and coat healthy and her immune system strengthened. She's now comfortable in her own skin, so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Jean you have done such an amazing job with her. I'v enjoyed watching her turn from a scruffy, skinny dog to a picture of health. Kudos to you.