Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mitzi and the Monkey

Our company last week sent this gift of a Flying Screaming Monkey for the critters. The toy works sort of like a slingshot - pull both elastic arms back and let him go - and he screams as he flies across the room.  The reaction of both Allie and Mitzi was hilarious, and although Eddie ignored it at first he later decided to join in once he saw Mitzi having such a barkfest over it.  I couldn't make the monkey fly, a two handed operation, and run the camera at the same time, so I just pulled the arm and showed it to the critters for this video.  Turn on the sound!  (Thanks, Donna, for some fun entertainment!)

I hope this works - 


Anonymous said...

It was funny to see the reactions of Mitzi and Eddie to the monkey. Allie wasn't quite sure of it at all.
When they get used to it, and want to chase it down the hallway or outside in the backyard, they will get some fun exercise. Kallie (our deceased Cairn terrier) liked chasing the monkey so much she didn't know when to quit. I'm glad the dogs enjoyed the toy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, Yes! The video works! It is very cute and funny!Thanks for posting this! I am slowly recovering from the loss of TJ. I think of him everyday, and miss him. Especially when I return home to a quiet house, and no greeting from my precious dog.

Lou, Abbotsford

Anonymous said...

The video worked fine and it was fun the watch their reactions to it. I think even Archie would be able to hear that scream.