Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Too Hot to Blog

It's Too Hot to Blog
(A Poem by Eddie)

It's too hot to blog, 
Said my mama to me.
It's too hot to blog,
Let's walk by the sea.
Let's play in the sprinkler,
Let's splash in a pool.
It's too hot to blog.
I'm nobody's fool.

It's too hot to blog,
Though I know there are those
Who are waiting impatiently
While we play with the hose.
We've got lots of photos,
And stories as well, 
But it's too hot to blog
So just go to H...

  (Jean)                 E D D I E !

 Eddie's correct with the title - it is too hot to blog. And I'm working on a couple of projects that require a lot of time at the computer, so any time I have in the early morning or late evening is spent on that.  But I promise we'll be back soon - we still have stories from camp, photos of Emma and piggies and flowers and birds and, of course, dogs.  Keep checking back - should be something new here in a couple of days. J. 


Brigid said...

Not to worry, Jean - I keep coming back to see what's new, and enjoying your Canada Day pictures all over again!

King and The Girls said...

No worries Aunty Jean. We agree, it's to hot to blog. When you find a cooler day we'll still come back to read.
Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Deer Eddie,

I like yur pome. But I don't like sprinklers (icky wet water). I prefer to lie in the shade under the tree in our frunt yard where the grass is cool and there's a little breeze. I reely don't like the hot wether. Deb sez it's because my thick fur is meant for Scotland, but I don'd unnerstan what she'z talkin' about.

Stay cool!

Yer old collie frend,

Jean said...

Heh heh, Riley mah pal, I is a Shetland Sheep Dog an' I think that means my ancestors are from Shetland Islands which something called Wikipedia says is a "subarctic archipelago of Scotland". Se we and our thick fur is related.
An' y'know what else Wikipedia says? It says that in early Irish literature, Shetland was referred to as Inse Catt—"the Isles of Cats". WHAT?????? I bet us shelties and collies herded all dem cats up and chased 'em outta there!

Zazie Todd, PhD, for Companion Animal Psychology said...

It is definitely too hot to blog! Hope you are all keeping cool and enjoying the summer.