Friday, July 19, 2013

Camping with Eddie - Ema and Emma

The day after the big thunderstorm was a day of making new friends and seeing old ones.  First, Ann's friends Sharon and Ema came up to the campsite. We hit it off right away - they both have the kind of teasing, witty sense of humor that I grew up with, and immediately felt like family.  We all laughed and laughed, ate, told stories, and had a wonderful time - just the thing to dispel any aftermath of the storm.

Sharon and Ema
New friends who I hope to see again!

That evening, I visited with another Emma (this one with two 'm's)  - my Emma who lives with my ex.
As usual she was excited to see me:

Mom!  You're here!

As usual, we went through her commands that I taught her when she was just a pup - sit, stay, down, come, heel, shake paw, kiss, speak  - and she posed for pictures.

Speak?  What would you like me to say?

"Come!"  My favourite word, next to "Cookie"! 

Do I look distinguised in this pose?

She is eight and a half years old now (where did the years go?!!), and for the first time I saw some grey on her muzzle and the beginnings of aging in her face:

Dontcha know?  Us  labs are puppies until we are eight.
I'm just entering adulthood now!

And the highlight of the evening was that my ex popped the question:  "If I die before Emma, would you take her for me?".

You bet I will.

Not that I wish him ill.  The odds of him dying first are slim - he is, after all, not yet sixty, and Emma is almost a senior. But it filled my heart with joy to know he loves her so much that he plans for her future if he can't be with her, that he chooses someone he knows will love her unconditionally and always give her a good home.

It warms my heart to know Emma is so very much loved by both of us.

She is one happy, lucky girl.

Well of course I am!
I'm a lab!


Marie said...

I can understand Emma being taken care of in the future as I have already found a loving and caring home for Sparkle, should I go before her. Emma is lovely and such a happy girl, bet she perked Eddie up!

Anonymous said...

It is so heart warming that you have continued to keep Emma in your heart and in contact regularily..some would have just said so be glad she is loved and treasured by both of you..


Anonymous said...

She is lovely Jean.


Del said...

Okay now Im just crying.