Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mama Jean, Protect Me!

By Mitzi
I had a frittening frytning  scary experience this morning.  I was walking along the sea walk wiv Mama Jean. I was on leash but about six feet ahead of her.  She waz busy watching an eagle who flew overhead and was sitting in a tree behind us, making a lot of noise.

Suddenly there was a big dark shadow RIGHT over my head.   It was an osprey and he hovered only about 15 feet above me, eyeballing me fer breakfast I think.  He wazn't moving away so Mama Jean came and stood over me, one leg on each side.  Dat Big Bird waz gonna have to go through My Mama Jean to get to little old Me!

He decided Mama was too big to tackle, so he flew away.

Mama assured me osprey don't usually eat anything but fish and was probably more interested in pissing off the eagle than eating me.

But I dunno. I found this website which says: "Although Ospreys catch mainly fish, they have been recorded hunting rabbits, hares, birds and reptiles."  I betcha they would eat a little white furry dog like me.  

I think Mama better feed me more treats so I can grow up to be a BIG DOG.  Sumtimes its no fun being small.

Love, Mitzi.


Lady May said...

WOW little Mitzi! That is SCAREY! Im so happy your mama Jean pays careful attention to you when your out walking or just playing at the beach. Oh and "we all" The WHOLE Royal pack agree. MORE TREATS are important!
Take care and give Aunty Jean a special slobbery lick from us ♥

Anonymous said...

Mitzi you are a brave little dog and your Mama Jean will look after you. Us OK critters agree that more treats are always the answer to anything traumatic!!!!

Marie said...

Oh, Mitzi! I am so glad that your Mama Jean is so watchful of you and Eddie! My Mama has to watch for eagles here as well as coyotes and we saw one of those outside our fence last week!!! I'm so glad that my Mama looks after me and your Mama looks after you.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wow, Mitzi! I could picture that scene so very vividly. My first thought was that ospreys do mostly eat fish, but the truth is, "Ya never know!" Keep on Mama about those treats :)