Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Splashes of colour

It is a busy and somewhat stressful week as we move into top gear preparing for the giant SPCA garage sale June 1st and 2nd.  I'm also headed to the mainland tomorrow for a belated Mother's Day visit with my mom.  And it's election day here in BC with what, so far, looks to be an historic vote as the election results are shaping up to be the complete opposite of what every poll suggested, and the Liberals look set to take their fourth consecutive term, and the Greens take their first seat ever.  All the results aren't in yet, but media is already declaring the Liberal victory, and some declaring a Liberal majority.

But amid all the noise, busy-ness, hype, and bursts of heavy rain, two moments in my day gave me great joy and cause to pause for  a bit.  The first was Yellow Bird:

Goldfinches at the feeder
I have had a finch feeder for years, and until recently never had a finch tempted by the niger seeds within.  A few days ago I noticed some house finches checking it out. But today, as I rushed home from one task to head out for another, I spotted a bright flash of colour.  A gold finch - usually shy, fast, and seen only for a short while migrating through at breakneck speed - was feasting at my feeder.  Two, in fact - a male (the bright yellow) and female (the greenish yellow).  They (and I) spent about a half hour in the back yard.  I kept my distance for fear of chasing them away, but even so managed to get a few good pics.

Hey! There's some meat to go with our grains! 

Then later this evening, Allie was sitting at the bedroom window meowing in her loud 'talking' voice - something she uses when she sees a cat outside or a spider inside.  I went to see what she was talking about and instead of a critter noticed my little rhodo which I transplanted to the side yard last year and was fearing I had killed had, virtually overnight, burst into beautiful blossoms.  Thanks for the heads up, Allie - I might not have noticed it until they were gone!

Splashes of colour, especially when unexpected, make my heart sing.  We all need splashes of colour in our lives.


georgia little pea said...

Nice that your patience paid off. Greetings from Coromandel! We think we could live here :) x

CAPB said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, and how lovely to have such bright and cheerful visitors to the bird feeder. Hope you have/had a good trip to the mainland.

Erika said...

Beautiful pictures!