Monday, May 27, 2013

Haz you seen our mama?

Haz you seen our mama?

We'z looked EVERYWHERE for her.

Sumbody said she's at the SPCA!

She's not a lost dog, silly!

I dunno.  She has been b*tchy lately.
(Heh heh heh)

I'm sure she's got her license.
How come they hazn't phoned us?

Prob'ly not wearing her tags.

Do ya think we should bail her out?

Nah, let's leave her there for awhile.


Me:  Eddie! Mitzi!  I'm sorry you're feeling neglected, but you know us Cowichan and District SPCA Volunteers are all working VERY hard to get ready for the giant, humongous, extraordinary, fantabulous Annual Garage Sale this weekend.  Every penny benefits local dogs who aren't as fortunate as you.

Eddie and Mitzi:  Oops.


Marie said...

Jean, I sure enjoyed your posting this morning and the dogs have such expressive looks on their faces.
I hope you have a very successful sale, my daughter Laura has sold over $1,000 in tickets for the fund raiser, that's pretty good, I think.
Hi, Eddie and Mitzi from Sparkle.

Meredith said...

What a clever blog entry.... I love the photos of Eddie and Mitzi and I love it when they take over the blog. Good luck with the sale ! Eddie and Mitzi.... I hope Mama comes home soon and is not too tired to hand out some treats for being so darn cute !

B Kealy said...

I got quite a good giggle over this post well done!