Saturday, May 11, 2013

Floofy dog and yummy dinner

My daughter is visiting for the Mother's Day weekend.  Mitzi and Eddie got all spruced up for the occasion, with a trip to our groomer friend Karen for baths and brushes and trims.  Mitzi is super floofy and cute as a button:

I is ALWAYS cute as a button!

For some reason I forgot to photograph Eddie fresh from the groomer, and he is fast asleep now.

Hmmpff!  I should go live wiv my friend Gail.
I bet she wouldn't forget about me! 

This was the first time my daughter had been to the island in a long while - She had not met Eddie before (he came to me Dec 30, 2011), nor seen the new kitchen or the raised garden beds and giant planter box I built last summer.  She met Mitzi at my cousin's before Anita (Mitzi's former mama) passed away.

She was going to take me out to dinner for Mother's Day, but we couldn't get a reservation for the place we wanted to go and decided we'd rather have a special dinner at home instead.  I grilled the meat and she took care of the rest of it (including cleaning up the kitchen - yay!):

BBQ'd steak and lobster tail, grilled peppers, cuke/avocado/tomato
and feta salad,  and ancient grains salad.

Smells GOOD!

Everything was delicious and we had a lovely relaxing evening at home.  Tomorrow I shall show her the new seawalk extension when we walk the dogs, then take her to Nanaimo to catch the seaplane back to downtown Vancouver.  A short visit, but a lovely way to spend Mother's Day weekend.


georgia little pea said...

Dear Eddie, I can't believe your mama Jean let you sleep and didn't give you a shove with her foot to wake you up for a piccie. How different she is from my demanding Typist!

That dinner looks scrumptious alright. Did you guys get any scraps? Just FYI, I'm not getting a bath for a whole month. Hallelujah! :D

Happy Mother's Day! X

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really perfect Mothers Day!! Vernon Bev

Anonymous said...

YOur dinner looks wonderful and I bet it tasted as good as it looked. Mitzi seems to agree that it smelled wonderful.