Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cowboy

“Enjoy the sunset cruise!” said the attendant as I slipped away from the kiosk at the ferry terminal and headed for Lane 29.

“Sure,” I muttered under my breath, knowing full well I would stay in my van either reading, if sufficient light allowed me to do so, or catching a much needed nap on the reclining back seat.

The novelty of ferry travel has long worn off for me, beginning fifteen years ago when I made frequent trips to Victoria to visit my daughter who attended UVic. And, frankly, I’m much more comfortable in my vehicle - slippery vinyl ferry seats built to accommodate taller, larger frames are not compatible with back problems.

I was one of the first in line, having arrived nearly two hours early for the ferry. I anticipated being on the upper car deck, right at the front of the boat – a position I had enjoyed, with the advantage of both ocean view and good natural light, many a time before.

Instead, the few vehicles traveling the Tswassen-Duke Point route were directed to the lower deck, where my van was sandwiched between a windowless interior wall and a very large motorhome, midboat, giving me no view of ocean and no natural light. Additionally, I appeared to be right next to the innermost workings of the ferry engine, with huge fans and rumbling engines droning constantly and annoyingly like a swarm of giant killer bees.

Too noisy for sleep, too dark for reading, too stuffy (with windows closed to minimize noise and engine smells) for comfort; I finally grabbed my coat and my camera and headed for a stroll on the outside passenger decks.

And I was just in time to watch the sunset.

Child catching sunbeams

Sunset begins

Day is Done


EvenSong said...

You don't suppose the attendant purposely told the deck crew to direct you there to FORCE you to enjoy the "cruise"? Or perhaps a higher authority...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset Jean and well worth getting out of the van for.
Having said that I understand your feeling about the ferry crossing. I used to go as a walk on passenger every weekend to Vancouver. It soon looses it's luster as a lovely sea cruise and becomes nothing but an inconvenience. And No I do not want a bridge built.


Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm so happy you caught that sunset, Jean. What a beauty!

Just wanting to let you know that you and your Mom continue to be in my thoughts.