Sunday, July 4, 2010

Murphy, Get Outta Here!

Murphy’s Law #9871: Whenever you write a blog post about how slow and easy life has become, the gods will ensure life becomes more challenging.

My mom is in serious condition in hospital. For lack of hospital beds, she is still in emergency, though the nurses assure us that, as uncomfortable as a gurney may be and as noisy as emergency wards are, her position right next to the nurses station actually puts her in a better situation than if she were on a ward.

With respect for her privacy, I won’t get into details here except for the occasional update, particularly as it pertains to my access to my computer and my ability to write and post on the blog.

As we wait out the situation, and wait to talk to her regular doctor (why do people and animals always have their medical crises on weekends?), my siblings and I are attempting to plan for a diversity of eventualities and to arrange our schedules so that one of us can always be in or near the hospital for the immediate future. Since I am the only one who is retired, I’m on the Tuesday-Thursday shift, so don’t expect new blog entries or responses to emails on those days for at least the next couple of weeks. On the upside, maybe those long ferry rides will provide me with time to write.

To friends who have emailed me this past week, especially those wanting to come to the island for a visit this summer or inviting me to their place, all plans are on hold.

Life may not be slow and easy, but it is always an adventure.

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