Friday, July 9, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Three days of heat, and I'm ready for summer to end. The dogs and I do not "do" heat well. Even on our walk this evening, with the temperature considerably more comfortable than last evening, the air felt like a smothering polar fleece blanket engulfing us. Both Charley and Sadie decided to take it out on a similar-breed dog who dared to walk the seawalk with his tourist owner in "OUR" town. I was quite embarrassed by my two hooligans. They did, however, act more courteously to the other dozen dogs and their humans who also shared the beach tonight.

The heat, tides, powerboats, and barges seem to have stirred up the water in the bay and the usually-clear surface is covered with slimy green stuff, logs and an interesting but ugly array of flotsam and jetsam. An old boat seat, a lone flip-flop, a few fish skeletons and a lot of muck litters the beach. The setting sun was hidden from view by clouds, and there is a noticeable absence of seabirds, scared off perhaps by the dozens of campers and their dogs and kids who crowd the RV park. I saw nothing to inspire me to take photos.

And on my trip to the mainland this week I didn't even take the camera out of the bag. My brain is sizzled - by heat, by hospitals, by travel. I hate being away from home (makes me rethink the post about how I'd like to go camping again!) - I miss my own bed, my own shower, my own food, my own chair, and of course my critters. The trip home yesterday took FOREVER due to ferry lineups, traffic, accidents, construction, fires..............I think I should just hibernate until fall.

Mom continues to hold her own though the situation is still precarious and the full implications may not be known for a while. My sibs and I are meeting with her doctor next week for a consult. Meanwhile, we take each day as it comes.

An' I'z just gonna stay heah rite in front a dis fan!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

Your life is so full of both the beauty of Island living,and of the holiday travellers that disrupt the quiet of life. I do remember that from living there. I still miss the ocean, but not the ferry rides.

In regards to your mom, wish you well!

Take Care!

Lou, Abbotsford

Anonymous said...

I'm with you about the heat - last year I bought an air conditioner for Crystal but have to admit I'm sure enjoying it myself!

Wishing all the best for your Mom, Jean.

Sharon & Crystal

Anonymous said...

From my house full of hot critters, to yours: we feel your pain! Each of mine develops his/her own coping strategy: the collie stretches on the stone floor in the entrance hall, the pomeranian positions herself squarely under the ceiling fan, and the cats going wherever it is they go, only to reappear in the evening when things cool off enough to suit them. And of course the collie princess has her own personal fan aimed at her bed for nighttime comfort.

Your two collie girls' lives have been amply disrupted lately by unfortunate circumstances. No wonder they're acting out! This too shall pass.

I do hope things with your mom turn out for the best. Enjoy your days at home as best you can.

Deb S. & crew