Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charley

From a little puppy playing in the leaves :

To a wise old girl watching sunsets on the beach:

You bring joy to my life every day. Happy 13th birthday, Charley-girl.

Enjoy your outing to the park and your cottage-cheese and dog treat cake. (But please don't get the runs from the cake, because I'm off to the mainland again tomorrow morning, and poor Auntie Else will have to clean it up!)


EvenSong said...

Happy Birthday, Charley!
Have you had her since she was a pup? My!

Jean said...

Yes, she's the only dog I ever got as a puppy, other than Emma (who now lives with my ex). It was back before I knew about the number of dog rescues and shelters out there and the desperate need for people to adopt a dog instead of supporting puppymills and backyard breeders (or any breeders, for that matter!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charley !!

I LOVE that picture of her as a baby -so cute.

Enjoy your day Charley and your "cake"

Love Katherine and Possum xo

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Charley Girl!

Janice Gillett said...

I think that is the dog I lost !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charley - you have certainly aged with grace, and are very beautiful!

Glad you had lots of treats on your special day!

Sharon & Crystal

Black Jack's Carol said...

Belated birthday greetings, Charley! Your puppy photo and your "mature" photo have the same sweet expression.

Anonymous said...

Re previous blog about camera

If you have adjustable ISO (film speed)check if it got turned down. turning it up to 400 will give more light for evening.

Check your F-stop (aperture size). An F-stop below F.6 could require a faster speed for proper exposure.

Also if you have a camera that adjusts for vibration make sure it hasn't got switched off.

Finally -say to heck with it and override your controls or switch on to manual and shoot any way. I've got some good pictures that way and that walking on water one is great.

O'Bear and Big Sis

JRM said...

Puppy Charley is just too freaking cute! Of course she is a regal lady now, which is just a good. :)