Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Smug Cat

Caught in the act

Someone forgot to replace the lid on the kitty treat jar while someone took Oliver out for his morning walk. Or maybe a certain cat has developed very dextrous paws. Either way, a certain cat's dinner rations will be reduced this evening!

Who, me????

(Oliver, on the other hand, is sulking because the sea walk was SOOOOOO icy with black ice that neither he nor I could negotiate it and so he didn't get his polar bear swim ).


Janice Gillett said...

She is smiling..

Anonymous said...

Hey Allie, can ya show me how ya didz that??? I gotz a jar here too and my Mom keeps putten the lid on. There are little fishiez in my tweatjar and I hafta get to them. They are lonely.


Jean said...

Hey Finnia, iz easy. Ya just promise the dog that you will split the treats wiv him if he distracts yer mama while she is getting yours fer ya. Then yer mama fergets to put the lid back on the jar, an' as soon as she goes out - num num num. Dogs are stoopid so you can just toss them one or two and keep the uver hunred or so fer yerself!!!
Luv Allie

Anonymous said...

Tanks Girlfwiend, I iz gonna try that