Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning Meanderings and a Wednesday Walk

Seagulls take flight

I really should try to post every day - or at least every other day - instead of letting the photos and stories pile up. I took over 500 photos in the last four days. The weather has been so unstable that each moment brings new beauty - mist and rain and sun and cloud present fresh opportunities for yet more shots of ocean and sea walk and sky.

I finally used up all my free photo space on Blogger, so purchased (for the piggy-bank-breaking cost of about $5.00/year) 20,000 mb of space. In the two years I have been blogging, I've used up 1,000 mb, so I should now be able to continue blogging for another 40 years.

With spring in full swing, blossoms change every day and birds migrate through or nest or simply forage for feed in the ever-changing light. Our hike to Swallowfield, albeit muddy, was spring-like enough to enable us passage across the estuary to where the river and creeks flow into the sea, and where pools are formed in the backflow to provide safe swimming areas for water-loving dogs.

So.....from the past few days of morning meanderings and this week's Wednesday Walk, here's some of the sights and scenes of the beautiful Cowichan Valley:

As mentioned, the weather was variable. Thick fog on Tuesday hid Salt Spring Island from view at the start of our walk:

A misty perspective

Watching from the shore, I see the ferry emerge, phantom-like, from the fog. It seems strangely off-course, heading for the little private wharf instead of the ferry dock.

Phantom Ship

Soon the fog begins to lift:

Mist Rising

And twenty minutes later, the sun shines brightly and boats and piers and even birds are echoed in the smooth, dark waters:

Triangular reflections

Pier reflections

Ducky reflections

On another day, the sun melts frost on the seawalk, making it slippery yet beautiful as the water reflects sun:

Sunrise on a wet and frosty walkway

And yet another day, bright sunlight reflects off the metal handrail of the seawalk, turning black to gold, and dull to bright:

Sunlight on Seawalk

On that morning, we see an eagle perched in a tree above the seawalk - watching us closely as we wander by. I kept Oliver a little closer, though I suspect Sir Eagle decided Oli was just a bit too big to carry off for breakfast.


The blossoms on salmon berry bushes (I think) along the walkway are open now,

Pink Blooms

And these cream-coloured blossoms are also fully out:

Blooms in a Blur

Blossoms also abound at Swallowfield. Though the bushes were barely in leaf, the ground at our feet reveals a myriad of colours:

Carpet of Blue


Fancy daffodil

Late Blooming Crocus

And on the estuary, I spied this whole bank of flowering trees:

Trees in Bloom

The dogs enjoyed their Wednesday Walk - the water, the treats, the play with each other, and quiet time alone:

Doggy Beach Party

Everyone into the Pool!

Kabuki and Chi Ki

Flying Sticks and Eager Dogs

Even little Teddy, new to our group (though he came as a guest with Else once before), was brave enough to go swimming:

Teddy takes a dip

After the swim, time for a snack:

Treat time!

While others sit and contemplate:

Charley on Sand

Archie keeping watch

And a couple of final shots of the newest member of our dog-walking crew:

Teddy in Black and White


It's been a very good week. Spring is here, the dogs are all well, there is no end to the goodness and beauty in my world.


EvenSong said...

Lovely meanderings. And nice to see that spring is showing itself in abundance.
Charley and Archie both have a look of *tolerance* for the energy of the others.
Is Teddy the dog that tried to join the group a week or so, and got overwhelmed? If so, I'm glad he had a more welcoming experience this week.

Jean said...

Teddy joined us for a walk last December, when one of our regular walkers was dogsitting him. You'll find the story here:

Last week's newcomer was Pebbles, whose mom decided not to join us. Hopefully she will join with just one or two of us on some other walks in the near future.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Some beautiful scenes here, and looks like you got pretty close to that eagle, Jean. So many good shots, it's hard to pick favourites, but especially loved the "Charlie on Sand" picture and the seagull photo, when clicked on, is lovely as well.

Anonymous said...

'Charley on Sand'- how lovely she is!

All the photos were wonderful, but the shot of Charley steals my heart.