Saturday, March 27, 2010

Emma in Black and White

I've been playing around with some of the many shots I took of Emma this week (Just cropping, and switching them to black and white - I don't do photoshop) for a wall display I'm contemplating. Here's my favourites of the dozens I took. I'd love to know which ones you like best:

Emma - heads up!

Four on the floor

Emma and tongue

Emma resting

Nose to the ground

Here's looking at you

Ears, wrinkles and nose

Happy Emma

Now to work on piggy pics........and, of course, a blurb about my visit to the sanctuary.


Janice Gillett said...

Heads up is my fav!!

Anonymous said...

I love "Happy Emma" !!

Great pictures Jean

xo Katherine and Possum

EvenSong said...

"Emma resting" is a sweet "full dog" portrait, but I also like "Happy Emma." The rest are all pretty nice--they show the personality of a great puppy.

sobe said...

I like them all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Emma gets my vote!


Black Jack's Carol said...

I like all of these, but "Happy Emma" is, I think, my favourite, just because, as corny as it sounds, it makes me happy to know that she is happy. I love it that you visit each month so faithfully, and hope that sometimes, you can cheat and extend the half hour a little.

Sheryl said...

"Nose to the ground" is my favourite, but "Happy Emma" is nice, too.

Anonymous said...

I like "Happy Emma" and also "Ears Wrinkles and Nose" but why stop at 2??? They are beautiful. I hope one day you will be able to visit her whenever you want. Lynda