Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deck the Halls with....


And just where is she?

On TOP of the front door!

I was hanging the wreath on the front door and stepped back to have a look, when
S P R O I N G! From the floor to the top of the door in one mighty bound. From there, Allie batted around at the bow, reached down to swat the pinecones, and came perilously close to losing her balance several times as her motions caused the door to swing back and forth. By the time I grabbed my camera she had realized her predicament:

Holy cow, the ground is a loooong way down!

And for the next twenty minutes she howled and cried and meowed and fussed. I learned a long time ago that anything a cat can get UP to, it can also get DOWN from, so I wasn't about to help. Eventually she decided to take a modified leap down by landing on my antique secretary's desk behind the door. (There better not be kitty claw scratch marks on it, Allie, or Santa won't bring you any Temptations this year!)

In other news, the little village of Crofton had its Christmas parade tonight - right down our street. The fire and police and ambulance sirens heralded the start, and so Sadie, Oliver and Charley dressed up in their Christmas collars and flashing red bling (Belle says Princess don't do parades, that's for commoners), and along with our friend Else and her dog Tess the Pest, we stood in my driveway and watched the parade go past.

Mooned by a snowman!

It was cold and VERY windy, as Charley's ears attest:

Afterwards, Sadie, Tess, Else and I walked over to a nearby parking lot for a community carol singing session, complete with live band, hot chocolate, and lots of people and dogs. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that part of the evening because, while I was untangling THIS.....

.....Sadie accidently knocked the camera out of my hand onto the driveway, and dinged the lens so it no longer opened.

Once I got home I played around with it and got it working again. Aw shucks, there goes my excuse for buying myself a new camera...a step up to something a bit more advanced, more challenging. Hmmmm, Sadie, let's try that again....

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Anonymous said...

Allie, you are quite the cat! Always into things....thanks for the chuckle, Jean!