Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pitti Party in the Park

A pitti in her party dress

On Sunday, Else and I went to a Pitti Party in the Park - an annual Hug-A-Bull Rescue event. The public gets a chance to meet pittis (pitbulls) and see what proper training, socialization, and responsible ownership can do to bring out the absolutely loveable, sweet personalities of this much-maligned breed. (Anyone who watched the Global newscast of Ginger, will have seen how much these dogs LUUUV peoples! I was disappointed that the newscast never told the public Ginger is a pitbull).

Anyway, back to Sunday. Other breeds of dogs are also welcome - a great chance to practice social interaction for humans and dogs alike. Else and I took her youngest, Tess, and picked up Alva (also known as Goodfish, after the area where she was found) from her foster home to give her some exposure.

My camera pooped out on me after just a few minutes, and the spare batteries I took with me were duds, so I only have a few pics to share:

Alva checking out the action at the end of the leash

A man and his pitti

Furry pitti? NOT!

A fine looking dude

And just to add: Alva Goodfish is still looking for her forever home. She is a real gem - walks nicely on leash, dog and people social, quick learner, knows basic commands, and a lovebug. She is about five months old, I think. The breed of rescue dogs is often unknown, but I would say she is a yellow lab cross, perhaps with sharpei. If you know anyone looking for a great companion, tell them to contact Dogwood Rescue after checking out Goodfish's petfinder page.


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. Too bad about the batteries. There were so many lovely pitties there and also many other breeds.
The weather was perfect, not to hot and with a nice breeze.
Jean thanks for putting Alva/Goodfishes into up. She realy is a lovely pup and will make a great companion.


Anonymous said...

They had an update on Ginger. They had applications from as far away as the Caribbean.
Jean I agree that I wish they had mentions she was a Pittie. The first application they chose turned her down when they found out she was a pittie. Their loss and another families gain.