Sunday, February 21, 2016

What a week!

I was really doing well at putting up new posts every two or three days - and then on Valentine's Day I went on a small dog walk with Teddy, Cosmo, Lexi, Beamer, and........


A sheltie puppy.  A sweet lovable 14 week old sheltie puppy whose owner had asked my friend Pat (Cosmo and Lexi's mom) if I would do a photo shoot of him.


It was a double-melt  when I found out he came from the Shetland Sheepdog breeder who fostered (as part of Sheltie Rescue) my sweet Shiloh!

Tanglefoot is a natural hazard with puppies

So....over 500 pictures later, mostly of Luke but also of Teddy and Cosmo and Lexi and Beamer, I'm in photo editing overload.  Add to that another couple of hundred photos from two sunny days at RASTA, plus some hiking photos and some spring flower photos, and a sick Mitzi (who is now well again) and lunch with my cousin who was in Nanaimo for a workshop, and a couple of lost dogs, .and..and...well you get the picture.

But surely cute sheltie puppies should have priority?

I am slowly working through the photos.  I already see several 'stories' emerging, in addition to a kazillion more cute sheltie images.  I have stories entitled Teddy and his Stick,  Dance with me!,  Whose Ball is This? as well as a couple of more serious posts in the works.  There is no shortage of material, just shortage of time. And I may be off line for a few days later this week - though that will result in still more photos piling up.

So stand by.  They are coming.  Soon.  Real soon. Or at least sometime in the next couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue.


Marie said...

Is there anything more cute and lovable than a puppy and Luke is especially so.
He is going to grow up to be a handsome guy and I'm sure his Mom is bursting her buttons with pride.
I'm looking forward to all your promised postings, Jean and happy to hear that Mitzi is well now.

CarolineA said...

Such a cute pup, I am surprised you didn't not steal it and take it home with you, lol.

barb said...

what a cutie! Love the energy and comedy of a new puppy...very entertaining!

Lisa said...

Thank you again Jean, these pictures of my baby are outstanding!