Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello, Geraldine Goose!

Splash, Sergio, Geraldine and Sarah

Last week, RASTA welcomed Geraldine to the flock - a very sweet goose with a deformed leg and therefore mobility issues, who had run out of options and needed a safe haven. After a few days getting to know the other farmbirds through a barrier, today she was let into the big yard to meet them face to face, carefully supervised by sanctuary owner Lucie and one of the Muscovy ducks.  

Geraldine:  Hi! I'm Geraldine Goose.  I'm new here!
Muscovy:  Yeah, whatever.  Excuse me if I don't get up. 

From across the yard, Sergio, Sarah and Splash (an inseparable threesome of two geese and a duck) eyed the newcomer.

Oh, looky looky - the new kid is out here in the yard!

After a few minutes, they waddled over to introduce themselves.

Well, c'mon, we should go introduce ourselves!

The four feathered fowl chatted with each other without any sign of animosity. Sarah seemed a little curious about Geraldine's disability, but Sergio soon set her straight:

Geraldine:  Hi, I'm Geraldine
Splash:  I'm Splash.  I'm a duck.
Sergio:  And I'm Sergio. Pleased to meet you!
Sarah:  And I'm......oh my....she's got something wrong with her foot! 

Sarah!  It's not polite to stare! 

After a few more minutes of chatter, 

And then, and then, you know what Lucie said next????

The threesome decided Geraldine was welcome to share their turf, and they wandered off again, leaving her to continue getting acquainted with the rest of our farmyard friends.

Well, nice meeting you!
Welcome to the family! Talk to you again soon! 


CarolineA said...

Hopefully the threesome will become a foursome soon!

Marie said...

I love Geraldine and am so happy that she has a safe home where she can live out her life. It doesn't matter about the bad leg, she's welcomed there, animals are for the most part, nonjudgemental. Love the pictures and the story, thanks Jean.