Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's all about Love!

Tuesday was a sunny spring day, so I took the opportunity to take some more photos of our friends at RASTA.  They were quite chatty.  But then they decided to take over the blog....

Why is that volunteer pointing her camera at us again?

We dunno - maybe because we are so adorable?

I hear it's because she has a blog 
and wants to share us with the world.  

Is that true, camera person?
[Me:  Well, sort of.  I want everyone to fall in love with you this Valentine's Day]

Well wait a sec, then.  I'm not quite ready....

Here's my coy look.

Hold on, hold on!
I haven't finished my bath yet!

I'd make a fine Valentine.
I won't even mind if your room is a pig sty! 

The ladies all love me -
I'm no male chauvinist pig!

 "Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above...
Don't fence me in!

Can I be Valentines with my ball?
I love my ball! 

Duck, are you ready yet?
She's waiting for you.
I do wish they'd give us advance notice of these photo shoots.

I hope she'll remove this straw from my eye.
I'm too tired to move.

Thank you, camera lady.
Nice photoshop. 

Hey blog reader! Yes, you...
will YOU be my Valentine?
Psst...I think it's me they want.

I'd make a great Valentine!
I just hope the camera person  doesn't add any silly captions - 
we have feelings too, y'know.

Cool it, guys!
This is serious business. 
The world is watching!

How about YOU?
Will you be our Valentine?
Just click on over to the RASTA website and make a donation.
And if you sponsor us, we'll be your Valentines forever!

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Sheryl said...

Very sweet. Love the captions!