Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pizzas aren't for people and bananas aren't for apes

It was a good day at RASTA today.  With four volunteers showing up, it took no time at all to scoop the poop, freshen the straw, and clean the farmbirds' barn.  The day was dry and reasonably warm, so all the animals were out 'helping' us with their many vocalizations, nudges, and entertaining behaviours.

While it may have seemed like they were glad to see us, we're convinced they simply knew we had come bearing food - donations of pizza rounds (the crust part, no toppings) from the local pizza place as well as slightly ripe and slightly bruised organic bananas being cleared out by the farm market, and bags of apples and carrots.  Despite their protestations, we told them:  work first, fun later!

Hurry up!  Hurry up!
There's work to be done in here!

Houdini the cat thought too much attention was being given to the pigs and equines, so made a point of jumping onto the shoulders of volunteers whenever they walked by.  Or maybe Houdini was just being smarter than the rest of us, by hitching rides rather than slogging through the mud like the rest of us:

A wee bit muddy underfoot!

No matter the reason, he was a rather fun (if not somewhat cumbersome) hitchhiker, and was more than happy to assist with a selfie or two:

Houdini supervises the work

When the work was done, it was time for play - play for us, a feast for the animals.  We began by filling the wagon with torn up pieces of pizza rounds and bananas sliced in two.  And then we headed to the senior pigs' pen.

The lunch wagon arrives!

I'll have a slice of pizza, hold the toppings,
and a banana for dessert, please! 

The younger pigs have never got the hang of "elders first" and made their opinions known as they pressed against the fence like fans before a rock concert:

Over here!  Over here!
We're starving!

Soon they had their turn, and a higher spot of ground soon became a piggy paradise smorgasbord.

Pizza-banana fest
All for the piggies

Marley says thank you -
Or perhaps, "More please!

Though Theo, Romeo, Tango and Toby had also received a few pizza rounds, it wasn't long before we brought out their main treat:  apples and carrots.  Never turn your back on a hungry 3000 pound steer - Theo knows how to be pushy and has the tools with which to push.  And he loves his apples and carrots!

Yum!  That's heavenly! 

The mini donkeys and mini horse also loved their treats, without being quite as grabby.  In fact, Tango was much more interested in checking out the camera lens than pursuing the people with the bags of  food. Trying to get a good photo of  a nosy donkey is really, really, really hard.

What IS that thing in front of your face?

Still, they did get their share, and enjoyed every morsel.  They know better than to argue with a very large steer, but what they lack in size, they make up for in cuteness:

Um, excuse me Theo, I think it's MY turn! 

Sometimes the apple spills from my little mouth!

Soon the food was all gone, and the animals went back to doing whatever it is animals do when the food is finished and the volunteers go home.  Sleeping, pooping, and dreaming, no doubt.

We think we should have Pizza and Produce Parties every day! 


CarolineA said...

It is so wonderful that local businesses support RASTA in this way. Hope they see the pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

That was a great party. I am sure those creatures know how blessed they are to have such good helpers and great treats now and then. All you volunteers are awesome and should be proud of yourselves for your services.

Jill said...

Love this blog and pictures. What a fun way to spend the day :) Thank you for helping out at the sanctuary and for keeping the rest of us updated. Jill / Calgary

Jollean said...

Made me smile. Nice blog. And thank you for your efforts to support animals. So wonderful.