Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nothing to see here.....

Bought a new point and shoot camera.  It is basically a more recent version of the Sony point and shoot I had before and really liked.  But of course they changed everything, the manual is written by someone who has English as maybe a second third fourth  doesn't speak English at all, and I can't figure out how to use it. So no photos.  No stories.  Just a lot of frustration.

Besides, none of you "I don't do facebook" readers commented on the last blog post, so there's no reason for me to post another blog yet.  I'm clicker-trained, remember!  Bwahahahahaha!


Marie said...

Oops! Guess we'd better slip in a comment! Loved the last posting and loved seeing the mini goats! My daughter used to have a set of twin goats and their names were Pip and Squeak, they acted just like dogs and I enjoyed petting them.
Hope you attach and conquer that new camera! I'm sure with your knowledge it won't be much of a contest.

Sheryl said...

Read every post. Just don't always comment.