Saturday, January 16, 2016

Coles Notes Version...

I'm too darn tired to blog.   It's nearly 9 pm and I'm going to bed.  So, for those of you not on facebook, here's the Coles Notes Version of the past three days....

Mitzi had a check up to determine if the meds she was put on last spring for chronic renal failure are doing any good.  Four hundred sixty dollars later, the good news is that her kidney numbers are no worse than a year ago - she is holding her own - and despite digestive issues which sometimes see her refuse food for several days in a row, she has managed to maintain all nine pounds of her body weight. She engages in daily - sometimes twice daily - episodes of the zoomies around the house, often chasing me with barky-growly noises and play bows, so she is obviously feeling better most days.

Someone has to keep Mama Jean in line. 

With the theatre where I volunteer currently on a brief hiatus until mid February, I've been putting in an extra day or two a week at RASTA.  We are knee-deep in mud when it rains, and could sure use more volunteers, but RASTA too is holding its own.  The pigs, farmbirds, donkeys, steer, and mini horse now have two new companions - two goats, who had no other humane option but the sanctuary, joined the sanctuary population today.  I can't wait to meet them on Tuesday, my next volunteer day.  If it isn't raining, I'll take the camera.

Goats?  We gots goats?
Does I have to share my treats with them?

As a volunteer with FLED (Finding Lost and Escaped Dogs) here on the island, I helped with a lost dog search today - a seven month old rottweiler pup went missing from a farm on the Lakes Rd side of Somenos Lake a week ago.  The owner has pulled out all the stops in an effort to find her boy Chibs - over 6000 posters and flyers, mail outs to every home in the area, sandwich boards at key locations, radio and newspaper ads, and of course social media.

Photo of Chibs,
provided by owner to FLED and others.

Today a good sized group of volunteers met her to Poster-and-Search in the pouring rain.  The owner's organizational skills blew me away - pairs of volunteers were sent to cover specific routes, each armed with a kit of a route map, posters in protective sleeves, flyers to hand out, tape, even a cloth to dry off the posts so the tape would stick.  She set up a table at a central dog park not far from her home, with a shelter to keep us and the materials dry, and coffee and donuts;  each volunteer gave their name and cell number and was assigned a route and given a kit, with instructions to check back in when they were done.  Safe, organized, efficient, thorough.  That's the way a lost dog search should be.

She did learn that the dog had been seen a couple of blocks north west on Monday, and a few blocks further northwest on Thursday, so tomorrow she will begin to concentrate on that direction.  Meanwhile, if you live or travel through Duncan or North Cowichan areas, please keep your eye out for a large rottie pup (he's about 75 pounds, with a docked tail) - or if you hear of one being sold, or of someone who just came into possession of one fitting that description.
If you are walking or driving, he may well be around Somenos lake or marsh,  between Lakes Rd and Hwy 1, and between Beverly and Herd.  Went missing from the end of Townend, was seen on Roome on Monday, and was seen on Calais on Thursday, assuming it was him.  Do not chase - he is very timid and will be in flight mode.  Immediately call the number on the many posters in the area or Kelly at 250-246-7627 anytime.  If you live or travel around that area, please program the number into your cellphone or write it down and tuck it in your wallet NOW.

And that's my life with the critters for today, Saturday January 16th.


CarolineA said...

No wonder you are tired! Glad to hear Mitzi is doing so well, and can't wait to see pics of the new additions to RASTA.

Anonymous said...

Jean, your total commitment to animals and their welfare inspires me. Thank you for all the volunteer work you do to make the world a better place for them.
And thank you for volunteering with FLED. The amazing people of FLED recently helped my co-worker when she lost her dog in Victoria. She was overwhelmed by, and so grateful for, the time and effort the volunteers put into the search. There was a successful outcome too as Oscar was found three days after he went missing!