Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Irrepressible Poms

Cosmo and Lexi

The poms, Cosmo and Lexi, stayed with me for a few days while their mom was travelling.  I took the opportunity to work on my skills photographing dogs, especially black and white dogs, colours I've always had trouble with.   I really wanted a photo of the two of them sitting nicely in front of my lovely red impatiens,  but who am I kidding?  One year old poms do NOT sit still.  In fact, getting any photos of them was a challenge, but with the help of the action setting and a little photofinishing magic, here's a few I hope their mom will like:

Cosmo and ball

Cosmo with flowers

Cosmo and flowers, take two thousand and three.

I'm coming Auntie Jean, I'm coming! 

Lexi and ball

Lexi and ball again!

Lexi and flowers

You can't catch me, Auntie Jean! 

And now, back to editing those two thousand Tofino shots, as well as fifty or sixty more RASTA ones.


CarolineA said...

Those two are too cute! Take two thousand and ... HAHAHA That made me laugh!
So how are Allie and Mitzi? Are they both still sane?

Jean said...

Caroline, Mitzi and Allie are both still sane (or, in Allie's case, as sane as she ever was!) and the poms left with all eyes intact. I noticed Mitzi wasn't voluntarily in the same room as the pups until Pat arrived to pick them up - then she came into the mudroom to supervise folding the xpen and packing their stuff, just to make sure they were really leaving! (Not to worry, though, the poms were not allowed free range of the house. After the initial terrorist attack on the cat and Mitzi's hasty retreat to her crate, I rotated the dogs between xpens in three rooms, the garden, and lots of walks). :)

Wendy Hamilton said...

Cats & dogs eh... Cute little fluffy monkeys... Party animals. I know the type; endless energy, curiosity and entertainment... I've looked after a 1 year old pom/yorkie.. More like part monkey, part mere cat, than dog....Fun, fun and more fun!... whew.

CarolineA said...

I love that Mitzi supervised the packing of the stuff, ensuring nothing was left behind and they would not come back, lol.
Can so see her doing just that!

Lee-Anne Currie said...

great pictures well done