Saturday, September 19, 2015

Duck, Goose, Goose

Ha! I bet you thought I made a mistake and meant to call this 'Duck, Duck, Goose' like the game we played as kids.  Wrong!

It's 'Duck, Goose, Goose' because that's who lives at RASTA, the animal sanctuary where I volunteer. One duck and two gooses geese. Plus, of course, many pigs and a steer and two mini donkeys and a mini horse and two chickens and a rooster and a dog and a cat. But today's entry is about the Splash the Duck, and Sergio and Sarah, the geese.

We better get cleaned up -
we're about to make our blog debut!

Even though ducks and geese might be different species, these three are clearly all one family.  They waddle around the sanctuary together, often one following the other following the other, they eat together and they bathe together. And they are really quite fun to watch!

Don't forget to gargle -
mustn't have bad breath when we're interviewed!

For some reason, after having a drink (and gargling!) at the larger pool, they chose to head off to a smaller one to finish their ablutions:

Let's find a more intimate spa -
some real pigs have been using that one! 

Well, it could use some maintenance,
but at least it's clean.

Must get all these feathers straight!

Don't forget the armpits!

Splish splash I was takin' a bath......
Hey.....what's that?

Paparazzi!  Paparazzi taking pictures of me having a bath!

Well I never!
Is nothing private anymore?

See if I'll grant that reporter an interview!
Humans can be sooo inconsiderate!


Anonymous said...

Very cute Jean.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I used to volunteer at RASTA before they moved and I miss all of the critters very much. I really enjoy reading your blog posts about them, so thank you for taking the time :)