Friday, September 11, 2015

Shutterbug's Syndrome

South Chesterman Beach, Tofino BC
I've just returned from a trip to Tofino, on the west side of Vancouver island.  My late sister's partner, Bev, and I rented a vacation home on Jensen's Bay for the week, just a two minute drive or ten minute walk from my favourite beach in that area.  We had a great time. But....

There are a few problems with taking a vacation when you are a blogger with a camera:
1.  You want to blog about it and post photos so your readers know you haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but don't want to advertise that you are not at home. So you have to wait until you return home. 
2.  When you go somewhere REALLY fun and different and full of photo-ops, you take a lot of photos. Like a couple of thousand photos.  Sometimes more than 500 photos in just a single day.  That's a lot of photos. 
3.  Taking that many photos is painful - holding the weight of the camera, thumb and index finger spread apart, click, click, clicking a mile a minute causes what I am now officially naming "Shutterbug's Syndrome" - a hand and forearm and shoulder so sore it is hard to lift a wine glass water bottle, let alone spend hours on a computer editing and sorting a couple of thousand photos. 

But in the interest of giving you something to look at over your morning coffee, here is a sampling of just a few of those two thousand photos.  

Rosie Bay / South Chesterman

A little guy having a blast learning to surf

Tadpoles' surfing lessons

Incinerator Beach surfer

Stay tuned for more to come (along with some RASTA animal sanctuary ones I took just before leaving on vacation and haven't yet posted!). 


EvenSong said...

Allan and I feel your pain! He's still working on the 5000+ shots he took for parents at the 4H Horse Fair three weeks ago!

CarolineA said...

I've always wanted to go to Tofino and never got the chance (yet).
Gorgeous pictures, just looking at them I could smell the ocean and hear the waves crashing.
Can't wait to see more!

Sheryl said...


barb said...

Fantastic photos, Jean, as usual!
Going up in October, hope the weather holds!

barb and the furry ones