Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Barb's Best Buddies

Many months ago - back in March, to be precise - Eddie and I went to Swallowfield with three pretty cool dogs:




They belong to our friend Barb, who I don't see anywhere near enough (hint hint Barb).  Clancy is getting on in years but still likes his hikes though he has to stay on leash;  Ollie, the youngest, and Scooter (who you saw a couple of months ago in this photographic experiment), are both high energy hooligans who would rather chase sticks and swim than do almost anything else in the world.

Throw it, throw it, throw it!

Boing Boing Boing!
Scooter bounces on water!

Wait for me, Scooter!
I'll get it!

Rats. Scooter reached it first. 

They were a lot of fun to watch, and even more fun to photograph.

I'll get this one!

No you won't!

The only difficulty was getting them back out of the water when it was time to go.

I can't heaaar you!

What?  Just a minute!

Just one more throw....pleeeeease?

Eddie and Clancy were content to stay on shore and watch the action with us, occasionally stopping to chat to each other about how idiotic their water buddies were.

Yeah, pretty dumb if you ask me -
what's with those dogs?

Heh heh heh
They are so silly!

After all, the only body of water Eddie and Clancy needed was this one:

Much more like it!

But eventually Ollie and Scooter did agree to come home with us, knowing there would be more adventures another day:

Ollie heading home

Where're we goin' tomorrow, mom?

Let's go somewhere different.
Like maybe a mountain.
With a view. 

This was, sadly, Eddie's last hike.Right from the start of this hike, he had been moving slowly and Barb and I had commented on how tired he seemed.  The very next day,  while on a short walk around town, Eddie had a massive seizure and was then also found to have a grade 5-6 heart murmur.  Less than two weeks later,  he passed away. I miss my little hiking buddy.

In May, Barb and her dogs took me on a hike up behind Crofton Lake, but those photos will keep for another Throwback Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Great action pictures Jean. Love the Scooter bouncing on water one. Mary got a few of Tess "walking on water"
If you need a hiking partner you can always borrow Tanner. He walk like a dream on leash.


Wendy Hamilton said...

Great pics. of the happy dogs at play.
Always a little heart wrenching to look back at our loved companions who are suddenly gone from our lives... Maybe you'll adopt another furry hiking companion in need of a home.

Wendy Hamilton said...

Hi Jean...Is this lovely area off of swallowfield rd?

Jean said...

Yes, Wendy - there's parking at the end of Swallow field, then go through the yellow gate and follow the road to the t-intersection, and go left.

Wendy Hamilton said...

Thanks, I'll check it out sometime when I'm over there... looks like a really nice place for an outing with the dogs.

barb said...

Thanks Jean, for the super shots of my 'furry family'. We always enjoy getting
out with you for walks, if you can stand being sprayed with water from constantly
soggy, shaking dogs!
Glad we were able to share Eddie's last walk,too. It sure was a struggle to get
as far as we did...he was a trooper that day. Such a sweet little guy...