Saturday, August 29, 2015

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

One of the drawbacks of looking after horses is the tendency to take a zillion photos, because - well, they are just such beautiful animals!  Boo and Magic, whose personalities are quite different yet who are clearly best of friends, told me in no uncertain terms that they deserve their own post.  So here we go:

Y'hear that?
We get our own post!

So what's the post time and who are we running against?
I made a racing joke! 

Me:  Magic, you are silly!
Magic:  Pfffffft! 
For some reason, I ended up with far more photos of Magic than of Boo - perhaps because Magic lost his initial shyness with me and decided I was his new BFF, or perhaps because black horses (like black dogs) are harder to photograph.

Or maybe because I'm
SUCH a handsome horse!

Yeah, and he's so humble too!
Boo:   Judge for yourselves, blog readers -
This Princess is mighty fine looking!
Yeah, yeah!
Forget the beauty pageant and let's EAT!

Got hay?
And that's the best of the horse photos, I think, though I've dozens more if you really want to see them.  Meanwhile, I've a few non-horse photos still to edit - of deer and bunnies and skies and trees.  I'll likely post those ones tomorrow.  But for tonight.....


Anonymous said...

Hard not to be a maniac (with the camera) when photo shooting such beautiful subjects, right!... & with funny, glib personalities too!

Marie said...

Well, I can certainly relate to the beauty of these horses and see why you love them. Can also detect a renewed energy and happiness in you. This animal sanctuary will be an excellent addition to your life. Good show!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful horses and a great fun post Jean.


Jean said...

The horses aren't at the sanctuary, Marie - I was looking after them for a friend up island. Can't wait to get back to the sanctuary again, though! I have a pretty busy two weeks coming up, so it might be awhile before I take more sanctuary photos! :)

Wendy Hamilton said...

re fly masks.. I wonder how come flies are attracted to their faces to the degree that they must wear protective guards?.. obviously they can see through them right... they look quite thick; we cant see them through the mask, however.. I get that horses don't have hands, or paws to swat the fly's away... maybe I've answered my own question.....(partly, anyway)

Marie said...

Oh, I know the horses are up-Island and the sanctuary is near to your home. Just the same, I do detect a new energy and purpose in your life and that's all good!!!
At lease, You haven't reached the period of sleeping most of the day, like your Mitzi!!!! LOL
Sweet Mitzi!

EvenSong said...

Love all three of these posts, Jean (just found them--I've been away).
To answer Wendy's question further, horses' faces attract more flies just from the moisture/secretions around their eyes, nostrils, and muzzles. Which is not only annoying for them, but also can be unhealthy.
But you're right, they can see out of them -- think two way sun glasses. I have one old guy on the place who is nearly, but not quite totally blind--he goes without, to give him some visibility for finding his seeing-eye horse buddy!
Fly masks also help in windy environments (like mine) to keep dust and debris out. I buy uv-resistant, long nose masks to protect my Paint horses' pink noses from sunburn, as well.