Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Walking with Wolfhounds

Walking with Wolfhounds
On trhe trail to Crofton Lake

Lately Eddie and I have been going out in the afternoons with our friend Bonnie and her two wolfhounds, Keegan and Dreyann.  Keegan is a one year old very active, very tall wolfhound who loves to bound around covering three times the ground the rest of us ancient old crocks cover.  He is a hoot to watch and just as much fun to photograph.

Woooo Hooooo!
It's all about ME!

A couple of days ago we took the dogs to Crofton Lake.  The afternoon sun, low in a wintery sky,  was perfect for catching reflections in the water.

Reflections at Crofton Lake
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

Winter reflections at Crofton Lake
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

We sat up at the lake for quite a while, watching the dogs have fun in and out of the water:


Bonnie and Eddie have a little chat

Happy Eddie

And happy Keegan
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

Dreyann gives Bonnie a kiss
"Thanks fer bringin' us here! "

Today we went to Grace Road Park - another beautiful walk on another beautiful day.

Keegan and Dreyann
Grace Road Park

Keegan by the river

Me too mom!

Again, the low afternoon sun created beautiful reflections of gold and green against the backdrop of canyon walls:

Even though we've had very little rain, heavy frosts and a bit of snow high in the mountains have increased the volume of water pouring down Banon Falls. 

And again the waterbabies, especially Keegan, had fun splashing in the cold, cold water:

Dreyann and Keegan play in the water

I'm gonna get you Auntie Jean!

I love this time of year, this type of weather.  And, of course, so do the dogs.

The End


EvenSong said...

My goodness, Jean! In the early photo of Boonie talking to Eddie, Keegan looks big enough to be 15 feet in *front* of them in a fore-shortened frame! He's HUGE!
I have a dear friend who has always had Scotish deerhounds and they are such sweet souls.

Jean said...

Evensong, I must remember to take a tape measure along on our next walk - he really is a TALL dog!

Black Jack's Carol said...

So many excellent captures here, Jean, but the sixth photo up from the bottom was just breathtaking. It is a wonderful time of year for hiking with dogs and you are clearly making the best of it. Eddie looks so happy and it was great fun to meet Keegan and Dreyann, both beauties in their own right.