Monday, December 23, 2013

The Critters' letters to Santa.

Dear Santa.
I haz been a good cat.  Well, except for that corner of the couch I 
destroyed. And the times I thwacked the dogs as they wandered 
by.  And bit the pet sitter. I promise to try harder next year.  
Please bring Shiloh her own cat so she will  leave me alone. 
Love, Allie

Dear Santa,  I has been a good dog this year.  
Well, except for when I chase the cat.  Mama sez that will 
get me on the 'Naughty' list.  But I is trying.  
Please bring Mitzi another bed so I can haz hers. 
I like it better, and she won't trade wiv me. 
Love, Shiloh. xxoooxx

Dear Santa,
I haz been a good dog this year. 
I haz been an angel!  My Mama Jean says I 
should definitely be on the 'Nice' list.  
Please bring Eddie lots and lots of food 
so he won't steal mine.  
Love, Mitzi.  

Dear Santa,
I'll just skip the part about what a good dog I've been. 
I try, but it is just So Hard! Life is just soooo exciting.  
Especially meal times. And snack times.  
And any time mom is in the kitchen.  Or going out.  
Or coming in.  Exciting, exciting, exciting!  
Please bring my mom some nerves - I know she needs more cuz she 
always says I'm getting on hers, so I think I must be wearing them out.  
Oh, and bring her some straw too - she has used up what she had.  
She said "That's the last straw" just before she tossed me outside this morning.  
Oh, and please don't bring the kinda straw that broke the camel's back. 
I don't think that's the kind she likes. 
Yer pal, Eddie

(PS, I'll leave some scotch out for you.  But I'm not sure I can keep myself from 
eating the cookies. Eddie)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha,Jean...too funny! Thoroughly enjoy your blog, the photos are wonderful and the comments, great...
Happy Holidays!
barb and the furry ones
p.s. your Christmas Cheese Cookies were yummy...didn't last long!

EvenSong said...

The biggest frustration between blogdom and Face Book is the lack of the "like" button.
This was a very cute post.

Merry Christmas to you, your Critters, and all those for whom you care.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Jean and your critters. Thank you for a lovely year of blogs and pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas want list blog. I'm still chuckling especially at Eddies.
Merry Christmas.

Hugo,Archie,Tanner,Tess,Lievert and Hilly.

CAPB said...

Very funny! Thank you for such a lovely post (and all the lovely posts all through the year).
Merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Ha Ha. Have a happyfull christmas with your charming family of animal chacters.