Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A little chuckle for Christmas Eve

By last Christmas, my cousin Anita knew  that the end of her life was near, and plans were already in place for Mitzi to come live with me.  Anita was still well enough, however, to read my blog daily, and apparently to help Mitzi master the keyboard.  When I posted my usual Christmastime pictures of dogs in Santa hats and reindeer antlers, I received a comment from Mitzi:  That comment (in this post), made me laugh:
PLEASE Mama Jean, don't do this to me next Christmas!!! 


In fact, Anita had already told me "Mitzi doesn't wear clothes!  If it is really raining hard, she has a light little jacket to keep her dry, but otherwise she isn't a dress-up dog."   

Well, I made no promises, though I did consider that I might feel guilty dressing her up when I knew Anita wasn't crazy about the idea. 

That guilt was dissipated when Mitzi's Auntie Susan cleaned up Anita's computer after her death.  She found a photo she thought I should definitely keep just for this year's blog.  And so here it is:  

Mitzi - Christmas at her Mama Anita's

You've been busted, Anita (thanks, Susan!) -  I feel no guilt at dressing up Mitzi this year.    

You could've at least washed an' brushed me first,
Mama Jean!

Are you kiddin' me?
Shirt, vest and....SHOES?

Good thing I'm an angel
or I'd bite the hand that feeds dresses me!

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Anonymous said...

Mitzi you look so very cute in your outfits. I hope it wasn't you that drank half of that bottle in the first picture, and yes BUSTED.