Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three Boys, a Dog, and an old Tire Swing

Last Sunday dawned sunny and crisp, so Eddie and I decided to head to Osborne Bay Park instead of doing our usual morning sea walk loop.   We headed down the trail, amid fall colours and fallen leaves, Eddie with his tail held high and a swagger to his walk.  Across the fields, through the trees, and down the path to the beach we traipsed.

Let's go,  mom! This way!

Enroute, Eddie practiced his recall - running ahead, returning when called, covering twice the distance his mama did.

I'm comin' I'm comin'!

The tide was in, but there was still a bit of shoreline for us to explore.

Soon we were joined by a couple with their three young boys.  The boys headed straight for the old tire swing which hangs from a tree leaning over the beach.  Laughter rang out as they took turns swinging and pushing, cooperating among themselves to ensure they all had fun.  Their smiles were contagious, and I asked their parents for permission to take photos for the paper (for a future column) and the blog.

Three brothers cooperate in play.



Flying over the water
Sheer joy!

I only had the point and shoot, with a fairly low battery which unfortunately affects the autofocus and also the speed for continuous action shots. And as is so often the case, the ones that were sharp were less well composed, and the ones that were well composed were slightly out of focus.  However, shifting some of the latter to black and white helped emphasize the composition and de-emphasize the fuzz.  These are two of my favourites:

Eddie had to get in on the action too!

Soon we headed back up the trail, glad we had taken the time to go for a walk in the park.

Eddie and his Floofy Tail head for home.


georgia little pea said...

The look on that child's face :D I hope their parents get to see this little piece of their day. Of course I had to wonder WHAT IF he had fallen into the water. With the parkas on, it looks like it might have been a cold day.

Eddie has a very floozy tail indeed. And I meant floofy but the iPad kept correcting me LOL X

Jean said...

I sent the photos to the parents, as I had their email address to get permission and names for the paper. It wasn't as dangerous as it might look - they weren't high above the water and the swing doesn't go very far over the shallow surf. The parents were standing right there, too.
Yes, it was a bit chilly, but a lovely fall day - unlike today which is bucketing rain.
Eddie says he is NOT a floozy, and neither is his tail. :) LOL

K-Koira said...

That tire swing looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jean. That tire swing has been there for years and from the look of the rope I think it might be time to check it for safety.


CAPB said...

Gorgeous photos! Those boys look so happy. Eddie looks like he had fun too :)