Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Trip - Part Three (A):Vernon Pearl

I was working on the photos for the next post about our trip - our stay in Vernon - but got sidetracked by the photos of Vernon Pearl, one of the most photogenic, social and hilarious cats I've had the pleasure of shooting (with the CAMERA of course!).  Rather than just including one or two in the Vernon post, I decided the photos of Pearl deserved their own post - Pearl's fifteen minutes inches of fame, as it were.  I'll post the rest of the photos of Vernon tomorrow.

What is that thing?

OMG, it's a camera!

I think I'll make a goofy face (heheheheh!)

Hmmm, that didn't work.
Oh, wait, what's that I see?

What is this?

Must be kitty dental floss!

Gotta get that piece of dead mousemeat
that's stuck between my canines felines.

That didn't work -
maybe it's not floss.

Perhaps I'm a monk and
this is the rope that rings the 
church bell?
Me:  Pearl!  Quit goofing around!

Oh, yes camera lady,
right away camera lady.

Is this my best side?

Get a close up of my beautiful

Wait! I need to freshen up!

And a little refreshment, too.

Photoshoots are just sooooo boring.
Me: Just a few more, Pearl, please?

Oh, all right.  How's this?
I tell ya, a girl needs a nap
after all that hard work.
Modelling isn't easy, y'know. 


Anonymous said...

Very cute pics. and story about Pearl the Cat!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean for a wonderful photoshoot of Pearl! She is a sweetheart girl; came to me via the Salmon Arm SPCA. I fostered her as she had been in the shelter for some months and no one had shown interest in her. I was looking for a Himalayan blue-eyed beauty but Pearl turned out to be so special, I fell in love with her. She is one of the nicest cats I have ever owned (that should be, served)! Thanks.......Vernon Bev

georgia little pea said...

Haha! Great story. Pearl must have very clean teeth. That shot of her pulling the church bell is hilarious!