Thursday, June 14, 2012

What we did this week

What we did this week, 

By Sagacious Sadie

I dunno why my mama's not bloggin’.  There is LOTS to blog about, an’ here she hazn’t wrotten writed written a thing for nearly a week again. Sigh.  I guess that means I gotta do it for her again.  Sure wish someone wud invent a computer with keys big enough for PAWS.  An' cameras too, cuz my mom has hardly taken any shots this week.  I hadza take some for this blog, but they is a bit blurry.  Sowwy. Oh well, here goes:

First of all, our friend Georgi is here for a visit while her mama has deserted her gone on a holiday.  She came a WEEK ago, an’ haz mama written a thing about it? Noooo.  If Georgi’s mom is checking the blog, she’s gonna think we’ve booted her out to roam the streets all by herself. 

But no, she’s here, she’s fine, an’ we enjoys her company.  We had a laff  luagh  funnies the other day.  Petey stole Georgi’s cushion.

Petey, the cushion thief

So Georgi stole my cushion.

Georgi, the cushion thief

An’ I had to sleep on de floor.  But mama sez I’m a very grashus nice host to let visitors borrow my bed.  Georgi will be here for a few more days still.

Petey, Georgi, Sadie catching some zzzzz's


Guess who this is:
Guess who?

No, silly reader, that’s not Eddie. This is Eddie:

Ha ha, fooled you!

That’s our friend Taleah!  She's about the same age as Eddie, and the same colours, but much smaller:

Taleah and Eddie

She came to visit with her good buddy Riley. 


They also let their mamas Deb and Sharon come too.  Taleah and Riley haz been here fore, but Eddie hasn’t met them cuz he is the new kid on the block.  They stayed at the RV place down by the beach, an they waz here for three days!  

Eddie an Taleah and Riley and the humans went down to Osborne Bay Park.  I can’t do that walk anymore, but that’s okay – I caught up on my sleep.  The humans also got kicked out of a nursery  (the tree kind, not the little baby kind) - but I’ll let mama tell you that story.  Mostly I think the humans drank beer and wine and ate. 

But they did plant a tree in memory of my ol’ buddy Charley.  A dogwood tree.  It waz a gift from Aunties Deb and Sharon and Ellen.  An’ Deb dug the hole and they put the tree it in and told it to grow.  My mama doesn't seem to haz a picture of it yet (Auntie Deb took some pictures though!), so you hasta use yer imaginations. 

My mama also got a package of hundreds of ladybugs and they set them loose all over the flowers, especially the roses because the aphids is eating them.  But this pickshure  pictoor photo is of them on some yellow daisy things.  We broughts some of the ladybugs into the house on our furs!  Heh heh heh.


And today – ya know what happened today?  My mama took me an’ Petey fer a long ride to Victoriaiaiaia.  And she drove to the POUND there.  And she LEFT PETEY THERE. 

(Sadie! You make it sound like I abandoned him!  One of the directors of Petey’s rescue, Broken Promises, works there and Petey is going to a new foster home down there so his quality of life and medical needs can be better assessed, and so I can get a bit of a life again.  The pound was just the meeting place.  Besides, you liked it there – you said hello to the chickens and bunnies and cows and goats roaming the fields.) 

Whatever.  He left wiv his sootcase  cardboard box of clothes and peepads and food and medicines and pages of stuff my mama wrote about his care.  An' he took one of his baskets and his favorite blankie.  An' he also took some other stuff fer Broken Promises – leashes and coats an stuff that friends had donated or that we don't need anymores.  I tell ya, that ol’ man didn’t leave empty handed pawed! 

Petey moves out

But now my mama sez it is very quiet around here.  She was able to get the lawn cut without any dogs crying or barking.  An' to have a quick look at some of the few photos she took this week.   If I can drag her to the keyboard, I’ll get her to post some more of them in the next few days – and Auntie Deb will send us some too! 

Anyway, that’s about it.  It’s a good thing ONE of us takes the time to blog and let people know we’re alive. I tell ya, one of us hasta be the responsible one.  I guess that's me.

Sagacious Sadie. 


georgia little pea said...

Deer Sadie, the Typix says I can write you since you mite unnerstan me better. We dogs have sukky lazy humans for sure. Are Eddie an taleah related u think? How co,e they look so alike? I've never met a dog tat looks like Me, !!

I'm sur evYou mama must be quite relieved tat Petey is gone because she has so mush to do already. Now she cnz. Oncentrate on YOU nd Eddie and yor new garden.

I betr go now my toes are getting tired. Have a gud nite and the Typis says hi to yr Mama.

your friend, Geofria X

Anonymous said...

Deer Sadie,

Thankx fer the nice visit. I hate havin' to ride in my crate in the car and spend a couple hours on that big boat, but it's fun when we get there and can hang out at yer house with all the big dog bedz and the comfy couch. I'll remind Deb to send the pitchers soon. She sez she's swamped, wutever that means, but I'll bug her till she getz it done (just like I do at walk time and dinner time; it always works). It was nice to meet yer boyfriend Eddie - he's CUTE! Bye fer now...

Yer friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sadie,

I had fun on our trip to Crofton, and so did my Mom. It was good to see you, Allie and your Mom again, and to meet Georgi, Petey - and Eddie, he's very good-looking and a nice guy!

We wish Petey all the best.

And, my Mom says that photo of Riley is amazing, she's such a beautiful princess!

Your buddy, Taleah

Anonymous said...

Sadie this is for Eddie.
Eddie, Eddie, You kept all those lovely ladies all to yourself. You should have called me. I like the ladies too you know.