Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Playing around....

...with the camera and two visitors.  Georgi stayed with us for ten days, and last night her doggy sister Sadie B came for the night too.  They went home today (for which Allie was very thankful, even though they were Very Well Behaved Guests).  While they were here, I played around with the settings on my new-to-me camera, aiming for some good close-up portraits. These are two of my favourites.


Sadie B.

On another note, if you like my photography and want to help a rescue, I've donated some of my photocards to the Bully Buddies online auction fundraiser.  Bully Buddies has long been one of my favourite rescues, and their volunteers work hard to ensure the bully dogs they rescue become great breed ambassadors.

The  4x6 photos are mounted on top quality embossed cardstock, blank inside,  with matching envelope, each in its own sealed cellophane protective sleeve. In a world where many send greetings electronically, I bet you know someone who would love to receive a handwritten greeting from you - your grandma, your mom, your best friend from way back when. There are three sets of six cards each to bid on, and each photo is different.   There is also one matted and mounted 8x10 (matted to 11x14) print, ready for framing, of one of my favourite photos,  "Searching for Home".  

Searching for Home
You'll find the auction on their facebook page at - click on their photos icon, then click on the photo that shows a poster about the auction and pictures of all the items will appear.  You bid using the comment box next to the item you are interested in.  (Okay, I'm no facebook user, so I hope I got that right). Please help this great cause by bidding generously if you are able.


georgia little pea said...

Looking at those close ups makes me realise how fuzzy my pictures are. You can pick out each hair. Crazy!

Thanks for your advice on the inflatable neck thing. It sounds a lot better than the E collar and I'm going to try to get one for next time. Georgia thanks you too :) Good luck with the fund raiser! X

Jean said...

GLP, if you have difficulty finding one Down Under, email me and I'll pick one up here and ship it to you.

Jen Green said...

Thanks for the well wishes this morning! I've been a little light in the comments department lately, but I'm still here, following along. And, I'll continue to follow your journey, no matter how the blog morphs. I understand changes!

Good luck with the fundraiser- I put in a bid on my fav set but I might just have to bid on all 3! :)

Jen and the mostly Black Dog Crew

Anonymous said...

Beautiful portraits of the pooches.
Georgi has a dry nose!
I noticed it right away because one of my spaniels had a similar looking nose.
(I had to smear oil etc. on it to frequently to moisturize as she got older-- or it would crack &bleed)

Jean said...

Jen, I've been light in the comments department too! Thanks for bidding on the cards.
W. - that was the first thing Gail (Georgi's mom) said when she saw the picture - she has cream for it, but forgot to send it along, and the photo was taken near the end of the visit. It can always be photoshopped! (Not by me, who doesn't know how to do that stuff, but by someone, I'm sure!).