Monday, June 18, 2012

Musings, Part Two: A momentous decision

Flowers by the Sea Walk

I have, in mulling things over these past few weeks, decided not to take in any more foster critters except for very short term cases for my local shelter. It was a difficult and momentous decision. I have been fostering animals for the past seven years, and I know there is a huge need for good foster homes.

My sister’s unexpected and sudden death affected me greatly.  My father also died young and although my mother is still alive at 93, she can hardly be said to be enjoying life.  And so, I have been giving a lot of thought to what I want to do with whatever time I have left. 

I miss camping, I miss fishing - I used to do a lot of both.  I am enjoying getting back into hiking, and I have new interests I want to pursue like photography.  While my own animals will always be well taken care of, and I am committed to them for the rest of their lives, adding fosters to my household is going to take a back seat for a long while and possibly forever.  

A cyberfriend recently said to me “Remember in airplanes where it says to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others? Rescue is sort of like that, too.”   I am putting on my own oxygen mask, and it may take quite a while.

And so that brings me to another topic I’ve been thinking a lot about - the blog.   When I began this blog I had, I think, 18 animals in my care - four dogs, 12 foster pigs, an alpaca and a cat. There were always animal antics to write about.  That is no longer the case. I will still blog, because I do enjoy sharing my writing and photography, but I will write on a broader range of topics than critters and nature.  I haven't yet decided whether to change the name of this blog, or wind this one up and start a new one, or just continue under the same banner - after all, my life is still with critters.

No doubt I'll lose some readers;  perhaps I'll gain some too.  Life changes, friends change, we change.  I am moving on. I hope at least some of my readers will come along for the ride.

And now it is time to get out in the garden, where the flowers are blooming,

Dogwood blossom on the newly-planted "Charley's Tree"

Flowers on a cedar fence

and the tomatoes ripening,

Tumbling Tiny Tomatoes

and the strawberries are waiting to be picked. 

Just Add Cream


K-Koira said...

Sounds like a good decision for you. I know there are a lot of things I can't do because I have the animals, and I can't imagine having so many more animals as well. For me, right now, it is totally worth it.

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I totally understand why you have made this decision. Life is too short not to be able to have fun & do what you want. I question myself pretty often about if I am making a mistake with the amount of dogs that we foster. Not only do our animals not get ALL the attention that they would normally have, but other than our paid jobs, fostering is about all that we get done. Sometimes I wonder if the "boy" is going to look back on his childhood with regret. Ah well, we look forward to reading your future posts; dog related or not :)

Anonymous said...

Go for it Jean, Take whatever direction that you need to take.


georgia little pea said...

I like your friend's advice and I'm proud of you for setting your priorities and moving on. I'm guessing that you've already done more than most people in your years of fostering. I still remember meeting you over a gigantic pig! :)

My blog (or should I say Georgia's) has been changing the last year too. She's grown up and there's really not many new or funny things to tell anymore. I call it my holding pattern. If the blog is a diary of her life, there'll definitely be uneventful times (and thank god for that). These days, I seem to be blogging and reading more about growing older, life, travel, craft etc and enjoying them thoroughly! More than dog stories, if truth be told ;)

Anyway, Jean, you can be sure I'll still be here because I just enjoy reading about your life, with or without critters. BIG HUGS x

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we (your fans) will start to hear about your fishing adventures with Eddie?.......... .......or... what ever you choose to write about ....... or not.
Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are going to take time to for yourself and pets, and go fishing, or camping - or do whatever you love in life!

Even if your blogging is sporadic, I'll be happy to continue to be a follower.

BTW - I just about stole one of those tomatoes, it was hard not to!


Dawn said...

Jean, we all have times when we get prety much "used up" and have to take care of ourselves.

I started reading your blog when you fostered Lucy and her babies. I was amazed when you continued to foster after that wonderful/horrible adventure. You did such a great job with them.

I will continue to follow your blog because I like the way you think!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I'll definitely still be around, Jean. I completely understand about fostering. If you never take in another rescue, you will still have done more than most of us. As for your blog, I think it will carry on just fine without the fostering stories. Perhaps, a new title will come to you, but I for one will be perfectly happy if you stay with this one that has served you and your readers so well. Happy fishing and hiking! Love the photos!

Ellen said...

No matter what you write about, I will continue to follow.I volunteer at the SPCA and am presently fostering 3 newborn puppies but that is the first in 6 years. It just gets to be too much after awhile.Being involved in rescue is like being on a continous roller coaster ride. I retired in 2008 and spent the past 4 years doing and traveling, now I am back home and working all over Canada is over.Thanks for all your wisdom and strength that I get from your blog. Petey is the rason that I began to foster again. All deserve a chance. Thanks, my friend.