Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Mama's gone and left us!

By Sagacious Sadie, Steady Eddie, Perky Petey and Allie the Cat

On Wednesday, our Mama (Petey:  she's not my mama, she's my FOSTER mama!) pulled out the suitcases.  We know what that means.  We quickly dispatched Allie to run interference:

Allie, one o'clock

Allie:  This should keep her from packing!
Allie, two o'clock

Allie:  Maybe if I scrunch down real low she won't notice me
Allie, three o'clock

Booted out of one case, she quickly slips into the other

Allie:  I'll hide  in here - she'll never see me!
Petey:  She's goin' away and she makes ME have a bath?
Shudn't the one goin' away have the bath?

Petey:  An she even took me to Auntie Karen's for a haircut!
(Now let that vet tell my foster mama I'm too fat -
I was just FLUFFY!)

Sadie:  I bet she takes me! She told me she loves me BEST!
(Oops, she said not to tell you that!)
Eddie:  I s'pose I don't get to go?
Jean:  NO!  None of you are coming!  Auntie Margaret is going to
 take good care of you right here
Sadie:  Aww schucks.  No fair. I wanted a road trip!
Petey:  At least I'll have a lap to snuggle on!
One that stays still for more than two minutes!
Allie:  Mom's gonna be gone?
Not here to protect the dogs?
Now's my chance!
Sadie:  I think us three canines better stick together

Mama will be back in a few days.  Wiv pictures and stories, I betcha.  Meanwhile, we 
is getting spoiled by her friend Margaret.  Mama has wireless at her hotel, so she will be 
able to read your comments about how cute we are and how mean she was to leave us behind 
and how lucky we are to have a nice lady looking after us.  And telling the cat to **** off. 


Caroline said...

when mommy's away the furry kids will play ... Just look at their expressionate faces, they are all going to be up to something!
Poor Margaret! LOL

georgia little pea said...

From my wireless to your wireless, have a great trip Jean! I'm sure Sadie, Eddie and Petey will be on best behaviour. (can't say about The Cat.) :)

P. S. I love being on holiday. I can't remember the last time I did so much blogging. Could I possibly be doing this wrong?

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Jean, I hope I'm remembering correctly that you are heading out for the memorial for your "Big Sis"?

Take care of yourself and your heart, I'm sure the four-leggeds will all be fine in your absence.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Petey look handsome with his new haircut!!