Monday, May 28, 2012

Allie and I have been robbed!

Allie's reality show "The Secret Lives of Hungry Birds" is no longer available - some jerk stole our wrought iron bird feeder, including the shepherd's crook it hung on and the clear plastic dome that kept the seed dry, and even the dang seed.  I found the seed dumped on the sidewalk and on the step of an apartment building two blocks away.

Cancelled:  The Secret Lives of Hungry Birds

I filled the feeder last night, and I'm pretty sure it was still there this morning when I watered the plants nearby.  So it was either stolen when I took my friend Else out for her belated birthday breakfast, or while I was working on landscaping in the back yard - that is, in broad daylight.  I did hear Sadie barking like crazy while I was out the back, but didn't really think twice about it as she often barks at people on the street.

What is scary is the feeder is only 18" from the window (which is a good distance from the road!), and was well spiked into the very hard ground.  And who in their right mind walks off (or drives off, as I suspect, since there was no spilled seed between my place and where the seed was dumped) with a five foot tall shepherd's crook with a filled bird feeder swaying from it? If they were stealing it for the metal, as often happens nowadays, you'd think they would have dumped the seed and the plastic dome right there instead of juggling it all to their car or home.

Crofton has always felt like such a safe little town to me.  It has a very, very low crime rate - virtually nil - and is the kind of place where a lot of people don't lock their doors, and where you can safely walk the streets at any time of the day or night.

It doesn't feel quite so safe to me any more.

And Allie is very pissed off.

I will GET YOU, you jerk!  


georgia little pea said...

OH NO! Not in your idyllic little patch :( That's scary all right. I hope you lock your doors and close your windows from now on. Stay safe critters! x

Dawn said...

Why do people do things like this? One of the reasons I tend to like animals better than humans. I hope you and Allie can find some acceptable replacement.

You have had lots of workers around your home lately... just a thought.

Caroline said...

that is such an invasion of your space! And poor Allie! We have cat TV outside our windows and it is a fun part of my cats routine.

We've had Christmas lights ripped right off our gutter and I have had my pink flamingo stolen that was right on the side of my house (inside the fence, right by my front door and kitchen window) and I felt very invaded and angry.

Not only do I have a thing for pink flamingos, the mere fact that someone came inside MY space and stole from me is a very disturbing thought.

Your gorgeous bird feeder probably was stolen for the metal, nothing metal is safe anymore these days.
So sad.

Anonymous said...

Jean are you talking about the apartments up your street. Put a notice up there and also take a walk down the back ally where their lawns back onto.
I sure hope you get it back.


Jean said...

Else, no not those apartments, the ones above the old Crofton fitness centre on Joan street.
I've already checked all the back lanes hoping if it was a metal theft they would have dumped the plastic dome and I could salvage that at least. Notices are up on my street, at Crofton Foods and at the spot where I saw the seed dumped by Gallettos.

Still pissed about it this morning. Some days I hate people.

Anonymous said...

What a shame... sorry for the loss/theft of your bird feeder!

Sometimes kids/teens steal .... ...... just for kicks.