Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Old Year Ends with a New Beginning

I was going to do a wrap up of the year on this last day of 2011. So many friends, canine and human, have come and gone. But I’m going to save that until tomorrow. Because today there is something much more exciting to blog about!

About a year ago, I began to watch the rescue sites for another sheltie to add to my forever family, and I spread the word among my rescue-and-shelter friends. I also contacted Sheltie Rescue to let them know I would love to foster and/or adopt another sheltie. My life with Belle and Oliver gave me a love of this spunky breed, and their passing in June 2010 left a big void.

A couple of shelties surfaced but one was adopted before I could meet him, and the other was palliative and passed away shortly after (in the loving care of a wonderful person who looked after her during her last weeks on earth). I heard through the grapevine that the coordinator for Sheltie Rescue had changed, but before I could contact the new person to introduce myself, Charley fell ill and I put everything on hold for a few months.

Two hours before my Charley passed away, I received an email from a friend to let me know there was a sheltie in need of a new home. I was in no emotional shape to deal with it at that time, so I just left it in my inbox.

A few days later, fully expecting the sheltie to have already been placed, I inquired. And to my delight, from over twenty inquiries mine was selected for further discussions. A week of emails and phone calls back and forth, some negotiation on a date to accommodate holiday plans and my own care of granddog Becky and integration of new foster Petey, and a trip up island to meet one very special boy, and I had absolutely no question in my mind that my family would grow by one.

And so, without further ado, please welcome Eddie!

Hai!  What is this place? What's a blog?

Eddie is a seven year old purebred blue merle sheltie who has lost his second home through no fault of his own. His breeder, who raised him for the first two years, was contacted but didn’t want him back. The family with whom he was living received helpful guidance about rehoming from Sheltie Rescue which enabled Eddie to move straight from his old home to mine without the unsettling additional step of a shelter or foster. It is to the family's credit that they did due diligence at what, for them, was a very difficult and sad time.

Eddie is a happy boy, though a bit anxious at the moment – however, when I met him in his old home, he was clearly relaxed and at ease with the world, and wanted nothing more than to entice Sadie, who came with me for the visit, into play.

He is not deaf. He is not blind. He is not even senior. As much as I love the old and special needs ones, it was time for me to offer a forever home to a dog who I hope will be with me for a long time. He will be going in for dental and a neuter once he has settled in here. So far, his only real flaw seems to be his fear of cameras - he races into his crate and hides whenever he sees me pick it up. We shall have to work on that!

Scary black box!!!  Put it down! Put it down!

He is proving himself to be great with Petey (who mistook Eddie for a fluffy humping pillow for the first several hours), good with the cat, and willing to let Sadie come to him on her own terms. Sadie's nose is a little out of joint, and she’s not sure what to make of this playful guy, but she’s beginning to think he might be okay.

Sadie:  I'm not looking at you.  But you can lie next to me if you want. 
(I haz a bruver! I haz a bruver!)
 It may be the last day of 2011, but today is the first day of the rest of Eddie’s life. Welcome Home, Eddie. I hope you like it here.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Eddie! We can't wait to meet you. We hope you fill Jean's life with joy and companionship for many years to come. You have big shoes to fill, you know. The spirits of Belle, Oliver and Charley will be watching over you to make sure you get things just right.

From your future friends on the mainland,
Deb S. & Riley

Anonymous said...

I'm in love! Eddie, you are one very handsome Sheltie! Jean, you know how much I love those Blue Merles.

So happy for you that he is settling in well with your crew. And lucky Eddie to come live with you.

Can't wait to meet him :-)

Sharon and Taleah

Anonymous said...

I have been holding my breath for days to hear this good news and am so very sure that Belle, Oliver and Charley are woofing their approval. Your sister Carole will surely be smiling too.

Welcome Eddie and congratulations Jean! Eddie couldn't have found a better final forever home. It will be fun to hear and read of all the new adventures you will soon be experiencing together.

Ellen, Kinley and Logan.

EvenSong said...

My first thought--after what a cutie!-- is that Eddie has the same name AND coloring of our first foal! (altho, as a gray, our Eddie is almost white now, at age 12.) I haven't ever done a post about Eddie (registered name EvenSong...) but you can find a photo of him at the end of this anniversary post from last winter:
We;cpme to the family, Eddie! And happy new year to you all!

Erika said...

What a handsome boy!
Congratulations to you both!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood Eddie. I know you will love your new home with Jean, Sadie, Allie and Petey.
That is great news Jean and now you have a partner for the walks on the seawalk. What a great start to the new year.

Is it my imagination? In that first picture, except for the colour, his face amd eyes look just like Oliver's


Karen said...

May you and Eddie have many happy years together! Happy New Year, Jean & critters :)

georgia little pea said...

you're following Charley's will to the letter :)

i think Eddie is going to like the camera quite a bit. does he have a choice?! i'm glad you got an "easy-care" dog for yourself, for a change.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Jean B, and your critters [now +1]! A BIG GROUP HUG from way across the big pond x

Dawn said...

How wonderful for you and Eddie! Last year included some hard losses for many of us.

Welcome the new doggie and the new year. May we all celebrate love and new beginnings.


Funder said...

What an adorable floofball! He's so ~pretty~!

It's so hard when a new dog comes into your life right when an old one leaves. I got Cers right before I had to put my old lab to sleep and it was so bittersweet. Hugs for the new guy, and more hugs for Charley's spirit.

Janice Gillett said...

Oh he is both beautiful and adorable!!! Welcome home little one , the fun is yet to begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Eddie! You have a wonderful life ahead of you.

(Not only will you learn what a blog is, you'll probably be posting some entries yourself! Clever dog!)

Sheryl said...

That last comment was mine - sorry I forgot to sign it.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Happy New Year to you and your critters, Jean, with a special welcome to beautiful Eddie! I breathe a sigh of happiness for each addition to your special household.

Beth said...

Congrats on a new 'forever' furfriend, I hope he likes it there. Looking at the photos of the various friends, I saw the one of Logan - who, I believe, might be owned by an acquaintance (there can't be two people who own Whippets named Logan in BC). If Ellen races him on occasion, then, he's family - as I used to show his relatives for his breeder. Small world!

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I somehow missed this post until now. Congratulations to you both!!!

Audrey said...

How exciting for you & Eddie, Jean. You have found each other!!! I hope that Eddie brings lots of new fun and memories to your life!!
~ Audrey ~

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to read that you and Eddie have found each other! Your future will be filled with adventure, days of laughter and a bonding of your hearts. Congratulations!!!