Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Mama, Dear Papa, Love Becky

Hi Mama and Papa, it's me, Becky!   

Well, here I am at Grandma Jean's house, and she doesn't seem to be blogging much so I figured  I'd give it a go. 

It was sure fun to visit Great Grandma Rose on Sunday (wasn't I a good dog in her nursing home?), and then to ride back to Vancouver Island in Grandma Jean's van with my Sadie.  I wish you had come too, but  Grandma Jean says you are both going away for Christmas and I will have a lot more fun here than in some dumb jail  kennel.  Grandma says I get to stay for the rest of the month, so I sure hope Santa will know where to find me!

I love Grandma Jean's house.  It's nothing like our apartment - there are no long hallways or elevators here. I just go to the back door, wait for Grandma to open it (I wonder if I can figure out how to do that myself!), and bingo, I’m in the back yard. I like that! Grandma thinks I am smart to learn about the door so quickly – I showed her just how smart I am at least five times the first night. Charley and Sadie wanted in on the game, so we all spent all night getting Grandma out of bed to open the door for us. That was fun!

I am being a very good girl.  I haven't chased the cat, not even once!  Mostly I just follow Grandma around, or sleep on one of the many dog beds around here.  At night time, I sleep on my special blanket right beside Grandma's bed.  Other than the first night, I have slept allllll night long. 

Grandma and I go for lots of walks.  It sure is quiet here - there are hardly any people or cars or trucks or sirens or noise at all.  Sure not like downtown Vancouver where we live!  I love walking along the Crofton seawalk and down to the beach.

Here I am, waiting to go down the stairs to the beach
On the seawalk

On the beach

And ya know what, Mama and Papa???  Yesterday, we saw one of Santa's reindeer on the beach!  Yes!  Grandma says maybe he  - or she - is having a little holiday before the long, long flight on Christmas Eve.  Grandma tried to get a photo, but the deer ran up to the park by the ferry terminal.  This was the best shot she could get.

Santa's reindeer on holiday in Crofton
I told her not to get too close - I didn't want to be singin' "Grandma got run over by a reindeer". 

And we also saw cats and ducks and trumpeter swans and herons and gulls and all sorts of things.  And I never tried to chase any of them.  Of course, I was on leash and Grandma had both hands holding on tight, so I didn't have too much choice.

Must. Not. Chase. Cat.

Must. Not. Chase. Ducks.

I like watching the sun come up on the big cargo boat over at the mill, and the little tugboats moving the logs around in the water.

Grandma says there is going to be a parade here on Sunday, and Santa will be riding in a fire truck (I guess he is coming down to pick up that reindeer, eh?), and it will go right past Grandma's house.  Auntie Else is coming down to watch it with us, and then we will all walk over to the next street for a big outdoor community sing-a-long. 

Grandma already saw Santa - Mrs. Clause too! - the night before she came over to get me.  She and Auntie Else went on the Chemainus Carol Boat, which is a little ferry that takes all the people for a ride up to Ladysmith, and they all stand on the deck and sing carols and drink hot chocolate.  The carol ships from Ladysmith come out too, and dance twirly circles to show off for the people on the Chemainus boat.  And there are fireworks on the beach at Ladysmith.  Grandma said it was lots of fun.

Carol Ship from Ladysmith

Grandma's attempt at capturing the fireworks

Santa and Mrs. Claus!!

Anyway, I guess I should go because it's time to take Grandma out for her evening walk. I'll write again soon.

Love, Becky

P.S. Grandma says to tell the blog readers that Dover the little piggy moved to a foster-to-adopt home today! She is with some people who had a big companion piggy who went to the Bridge, and they love piggies and they also have a few other farm animal pets to keep Dover company. Dover will be spayed January 4th, and then the adoption can be finalized.  Be good Dover - I was once a shelter doggy, and found a forever mama and papa, and I just know you are gonna have your forever home too. 


georgia little pea said...

Dear Becky, this is The Typist. I'm reading your lovely newsy letter on the bus and I can't see a single picture which is a real shame as your grandma J takes great ones. Georgia would be writing but she's gone to work today with Her Cushion. Life's hard for a dog here.

Dover's new home sounds fantastic! I'm so happy because she was a Very Good Little Piglet.

I'm almost at my stop now. Be good and don't bully grandma J too much okay? Love, me xox

Anonymous said...

What a lovely new letter Becky. I must say you look very "up-town" in your lovely pink coat. I'm glad to hear that you are really enjoying your visit with your gandma and the girls and the walks on the sea walk.
I'm so looking forward to meetin you on Sunday when I will bring my human to watch the parade with you.
See you Sunday Becky

PS Tess said you can chase the ducks. They have wings and are way faster than you.

Colleen said...

Thanks for the chuckles! I giggled a few times as well!

Your coat is quite lovely indeed. It makes your eyes pop!