Thursday, October 20, 2011

When the sun shines in mid-October

...we go out and enjoy it. Which is why I haven't blogged anything all week. The weather has been gorgeous!

We've been busy ...

Harvesting the last of the garden and putting it to bed for the winter:


Spaghetti Squash

Everbearing Strawberries

Tomatoes yet to ripen

Fertilizing and deadheading the fall flowers:

Wandering neighbourhood garage sales and buying beautiful handmade pottery for a song (or fifty cents, in monetary terms!):

Walking the sea walk in the early morning mist:

Taking photos around town to illustrate our next column in the Courier:

Watching the birds find warm little places for the winter:

And watching the birds watching themselves:

I'm so beautiful!

And by the time we come back inside we are just too pooped to party - or even blog.

Charley:  Excuse me, but that's where I want to sleep!

Georgi:  But I am a guest, and you must be nice to me!



Anonymous said...

It has been an amazingly beautiful, warm and sunny fall, hasn't it. Glad you're all out enjoying it.

I recently tried out a new recipe for green tomato salsa, it's yummy and easy - will email it to you since you have lots of the main ingredient!


Julia Hones said...

I love those pictures. Great harvest by the way! I'm also enjoying it! My bell peppers are not as big as yours, though.

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Every post you have has the most beautiful photos. A vegetable garden & flowers? can we move in?

Jen said...

Lovely photos! Makes me want to move to the coast-- while we are having a beautiful, long, snow free fall in Saskatchewan, our gardens are long since gone, as are the flowers.

Beautiful, makes me smile this morning. Thank you!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Lisa B said...

I honestly think someone could stand in the same spot as you, using the same camera, at the same time...and still not capture the same beautiful pictures you do. You sure have an eye for the right angles, lighting and composition. Whether it happens on purpose or just comes take great pics! It seems your green thumb isn't lacking either. Darn it is there anything you don't do well? : )

Del said...

"Ditto" Lisa B. and all of the above!

Jean said...

Lisa, the photos are pure luck with maybe a wee bit of 'eye' for a good scene thrown in.
As for things I don't do well - hahahaha - lots. Just ask me why I don't have a smartphone, a PVR, a GPS, even a VCR, and why I don't use photoshop - I am totally useless when it comes to new technologies. Oh, and never ever ever ask me to sew anything - that is another of my "ohmygawdIcan'tdothat" things.

And in the dog area, I am so not good with dogs that need lessons in behaviour or with those that have any tendency towards aggression at all. That's why I do only old laid back seniors!

But thank you, everyone, for your positive comments. And now I'm out to play in the sun again - what a gorgeous day it is here!